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Thread: Ask Grammy

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    Now that I am back in P2, should I stop all the supplements I was taking?

    Like, my liquid vitamin and Magnesium has calories in them. Or only take the things with 0 calories?
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    thirteen, if I stopped every time I stalled, I would not be down 75 pounds. LOL Your body isn't telling you anything. It's just catching up and adjusting water to fat loss. Not a big deal and very normal

    Chris, it shouldn't affect your vision unless you have an allergy to the Armour but some do.

    Angel, when you say you ate "little throughout the day" did you eat anything? you're not supposed to eat anything. If you're bloated, you have a food intolerance to something you're eating. It may take a few days of clean eating for it to drop off.

    celtic, I've taken them while on hcg and never had any effects. Hopefully you won't either. Good luck!

    kwin, 30 units is 150 iu. Not sure who told you to take as much as you were told. Your dose is less than 125 so you're probably not taking enough. I would increase to 25 units or so.

    gabby, I'm sorry but I don't know how to get any hcg fast. Maybe yours will arrive in time. Is it in customs now? Once it exits customs, you usually get it the next day or the day after. People doing sublingual seem to do fine. I personally don't like it because I get better reshaping with shots.

    jesseca, I wouldn't take anything with calories in it.

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    Colleen, this isn't really a question. Just an FYI. I tried the ghee and mct oil in coffee, was way too rich for me. I have discovered another dairy free alternative. I take 1 C unsweetened almond milk, 1 T coconut oil and about 1/2 tsp vanilla powder. I have a frother that heats, so I put it all in there and run it a couple of cycles. This is enough for about 3 cups of coffee, throughout the day. So delicious and I have been able to drop my vacation lbs drinking it the last couple of days. I have followed your advice on fat intake and way upped it the last couple of days. I have never recovered from a weight gain so quickly. You really are a genius, in case you haven't heard it today!

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    Grammy, I decided to adjust my LDW. My original LDW is 132. On wednesday I weighed 132, on Thursday 134.2 so I did a steak day. On Friday I only dropped to 133. This morning I weigh 134.2 and just do not think doing a steak day and dropping one pound and then regaining it tomorrow would be necessary. I'm pretty sure I'm retaining water because I start my period starts next week. Anyway, when adjusting the LDW do I change it to 135 (so it's 3 lbs over my original LDW) or 136 (2 lbs over the number I keep weighing)?


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    Thanks Colleen! I hung in there and was rewarded with a 1 pound loss today. I'll keep trucking along! I really want to hit my goal, only 4 pounds now. I'm so happy with this five short weeks I've lost nearly 25 pounds. I even got a notice on myfitnesspal that says since I've lost such a "significant amount of weight" they need to readjust my goals! That made my day! Thanks for all of the support, I couldn't have done it without you and my friends on this forum!
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    Grammy, I may try to lower my dosage and stretch my hcg out a little longer in hopes it gets here in time. If so, would 20 effective doses of hcg be the days not counting load days? Do you just eat P3 style on an interruption? When you say you get better reshaping with shots, do you mean shots in the skin or in the muscle?
    Thanks so much... you're the best!!!

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    Grammy what body lotion would you recommend for P2, I ask earlier but you didn't answer my earlier question.

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    Hello Grammy,
    Happy Saturday to you. I take Garden of Life raw probiotics for women. Is this kosher during phase 2? Hoping yes, I love my probiotics. Thanks.
    No sugar listed.

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    I am vlcd33. So far ok but the last few days I've stalled. This is my menu (chicken, tilapia, shrimp & 1x lean sirloin/ celery, onion, tomato, salad, starwberries, half a grapefruit, orange & apple. No melba & tons of water & acv, lemon in water. Here are my last 2 weeks :
    6/11 +.6 174.4
    6/12 -.08 173.6
    6/13 -1.0 172.6
    6/14 -.08 171.8
    6/15 -.02 171.6
    6/16 -.08 170.8
    6/17 +.08 171.6
    (-2.8 lbs)

    6/18 +1.0 172.6
    6/19 -.02 172.4
    6/20 -1.2 171.2
    6/21 -1.6 169.6 ( finally thought I broke 170 !!)
    6/22 +1.8 171.4 (Not !)
    6/23 = 171.4

    I just can't get out of the 170's. I'm thinking of cutting my 2nd fruit & adding a little protein ? Or just stick it out exactly as been doing so far ? I'm almost at P3 & really am over P2 food. But I really was hoping to be in the 160's before hitting P3. What do you suggest Grammy
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