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Thread: HCG DIRECT Prescription Program

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    HCG DIRECT Prescription Program

    Hi Grammy,
    I just bought 2 vials of HCG through HCG Direct's new prescription program. I have to mix 12000 IU of HCG with some sort of formula and do drops twice daily, according to their directions. But I was wondering, could I get bacterio water and combine it the HCG instead? How would I go about mixing that amount? I would really prefer injections over drops, and I thought this would be an option when I purchased. =(

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    The bad thing is that 12,000 iu isn't going to be good after about 30 days. You could mix it with bac water and do shots but you'll be wasting some of it. It's basically 2 cc of fluid for every 1000 iu of hcg. So you'd do 24 cc of fluid for 120000 iu vial. you'll need a really big mixing vial.

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    Thanks for your reply! Well, the good news is I have two vials of the 12,000 IU, so maybe I could mix the first one and use it for 15 days, then mix the second and use it for 15? Do you think this would be best? Thanks so much for the information on mixing...I couldn't figure it out!

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