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Thread: Ovidac 5000 - mixing for oral use

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    Ovidac 5000 - mixing for oral use

    I bought the Ovidac and thought I'd mix it and inject it. It appears that my fear and paranoia of needles will not let me continue doing it this way, unfortunately. Can I mix the Ovidac to orally take it where I hold it under my tongue for 15 minutes twice a day? If so, what would I need to mix it up? I'm such a beginner when it comes to this. I used to do the homeopathic drops.

    Start R1: 3/8/11: 225
    After load: 228
    R1VLCD28: 202.0
    Start R2: 05/21/11: 206 (after load)
    R2P2LDW: 184.0
    cycling to P2: 7/9/11
    R3P2D1: 187
    Start P4: 9/12/11: 172 (177 after load)
    R4P3: 151.6
    Current: 150.2

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