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    RE Product

    Hi I just wanted to check that my order would be OK, has anybody else ordered from the same company ?? I have just received my next batch of hcug and although I ordered from escrow the order has come from India. Please advise as I am just a bit wary and want to be 100% before I start round 2 in a few weeks. Many thanks Ratty

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    Pretty much all hcg from these companies ships from India. Lots of people have used escrow refills. It will get here.

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    Many thanks looking forward to round two in 5 weeks time . Oh I think I have got the HCG bug !!! Thank you for your support

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    The HCG from India works like a charm! Nothing to "be wary" of! Just remember that it is in transit during a Postal holiday, & may be delayed an extra day or so.


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