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Thread: Break/Mini Load Day Advice

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    Question Break/Mini Load Day Advice

    Hey all! I have a question and was wanting other people's experiences/advice/opinios.

    I am on SubL HCG Round 2, VLCD 14 (25 lbs down total so far! yay!). I plan on doing a "scheduled break" on R2/P2/D27 (new years eve and then my family is coming into town and I need a break- just not as into it this round) for 12 days.

    I know that P&I says you do not need to load again if the break is less than 2 weeks, but I dont want to be hungry so I was thinking of doing 1 loading day (eating normally while taking the hcg) before I resume VLCD for 17 more days.

    Has anyone ever done something like this? What were your experiences? Any Advice?

    I tried looking through the forums and found a bit of information, but it would be nice to have it all in one place!

    Thanks bunches!


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