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Thread: Why Can't We Have Pork?

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    So if we trim off the fat off of pork, is it allowed on this protocol? Has anyone eaten pork and had successful results?

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    Curious about that myself!

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    But its the other white meat!!! I just want some ribs, fall off the bone - just a little bite!

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    There are a lot of vegetables that aren't allowed either. It's up to you whether you cheat or not but pork is not on protocol. Once you start cheating it gets easier and easier to continue. Boredom with food will not kill you. LOL

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    Oh grammy!! I know, I is my weakness!

    I will stick to the protocol...maybe I can do beef ribs instead? Fat trimmed, of course.

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    Thanks grammy. I am addicted to food....badly.

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    Okay...I'm glad I read this. Last night I bought some thin sliced pork tenderloins (going by what a fellow-hcg-er told me about HER menu. I'll just save these for my Honey to eat.


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