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Thread: Corion or Hucog???

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    Corion or Hucog???

    Is it ok to switch brands of HCG between mixtures. I mean go 15 days with one brand and then switch brands for 15 more days.

    When Health Matters sent me 2 packages of Corion Brand and 2 packages of Hucog Brand.

    Is one brand better than the other?

    Thank You.

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    I take Corion and love it, but it's quite strong. From my experience and from what I've seen/read on the forum, Corion is the most potent of the brands. I'm not too sure about switching although I would think the only issue would be that difference in strength.

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    Corion is stronger meaning it gives better results? As in larger daily loses? Or is it more potent in the sense of being better able to suppress your appetite and causing more severe symptoms the first week i.e. headaches, feeling light headed, etc?


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