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Thread: Need dosing help! Pics of syringe included!

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    Need dosing help! Pics of syringe included!

    Hey everyone! I hope all is well with you on this fine Friday morning!

    I need some help figuring out how to change my dose based on the syringes that my doctor gives me. Since I will be getting the prefilled syringes from him and then combining all of them into a mixing vial I need to figure out how much I need to draw up in order to get to 150IU.

    First I will start with a picture of what my current dose looks like in the syringes that I have. Since I know some people have different types of syringes I thought this would be the easiest. There are 3 pictures in this Picasa album.

    See how on the syringe it looks as though .7cc is drawn up? That is supposed to be 125IU which equates to 17.857IU's per .1cc/mL. So I need to get to 150IU so would I draw up .85cc/mL? Am I calculating that right?

    Thanks for your help!
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    you're at 1.2 ml's- is that a 3 cc needle, i assume? doing IM or subq? i can't remember, but it looks like IM by the size of the needle and the dose. if it's a little past the .2 mark, then they're probably aiming for 1.25 cc's. so if that is how they mixed it, you'd aim for 1.5- another 3 slashes out on the syringe.

    125 is the normal IM dose, but the 1" syringe is really not long enough to get to the heart of the muscle. didn't you say you had longer syringes? you could try one of those with the same dose and see if that helps.
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    Yes it is a 3cc syringe but I pulled back the solution so you could see how much was in there. I think you can make the pictures larger so that you can see the solution and then the air towards the actual needle part. The solution looks cloudy compared to the other stuff. The total amount of solution in the needle is .7cc

    I am doing IM needles and I do have longer needles they are just the super big 1.5" 22g ones that do not sound fun to stick in my thigh. LOL! Not worried about the length but the diameter of the needle is not what I had hoped for.

    I just purchased more HCG from the doc so I will just stick with the 150IU with the 1" needle and see how that works since I have already pissed away that money. LOL! That is why I had asked yesterday if I should increase my dose so that I could figure out if I needed to drive the 1.5 hours one way to get the HCG from the doctor today.
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    Forgot to add that if there was .7cc in the syringe then I would fill it up with .85cc of solution right? Well I think it is .84cc but I don't think I will be able to get it that accurate with this syringe.

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    .85cc, that is right! (well, as close as you are gong to get with a 3cc syringe.)
    Here is the algebra behind the magic! LOL...

    125units/.7cc =150units/x cc

    x=(150) (.7)/125

    x=.84 cc

    PS- use a 22 guage 1.5" needle and it isn't that bad at all. If you use your 1" needle, just inject into the deltoid muscle instead of the thigh. If you don't have a lot of adpiose tissue (ok-fat, I was trying to make it sound better! ) you can still hit the thigh muscle just go closer to the knee on the side of your leg.
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    got it- i was just looking at where you pulled the syringe- didn't see the liquid in the pic. yes- i'd try 150. i remember now you had those big needles.
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    great thanks! BirthNurse love the math, just did it a totally different way than you did LOL! I am definitely not good with equations so I took 125IU/.7cc = 17.857IU per cc and then took 150 and divided by that. Same result just looks way different than your equation! LOL!

    mgsdance suggested the deltoid the other day so I will try that as well but I think I am getting in the muscle since I am going so close to my knee. We will see how the next few days go and if I need to switch it up I will. Ahh the HCG dosing game, isn't it fun?!

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    please help

    I will be starting hcg diet soon and have 5000i.u. ampule will be mixing with 10 cc bac. water and have 3 cc syringe for IM. I need to know the marks on 3cc syringe for 125 units, 150 units, and 175 units (just in case i ever need to change dosage) for this mixture. So confused!!!


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