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Thread: HCG vs HCg hormone free drops

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    HCG vs HCg hormone free drops

    I have a question, I am taking the hcg drops- which don't have the hcg hormone in them. Although it's hormone free, will it still burn the fat storages? Or will my body think it's in starvation mode, since it's only getting 500 cals a day? Isn't it the actual hormone that burns the fat storages, and releases the extra calories already stored?
    Just wondering if the hormone free hcg will have the same effect on my body, as the hcg injections, which have the actual hcg in them.


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    Real HCG vs. Homeopathic - HELP!!

    Hey there - are you talking about real hcg vs. homeopathic? I just started last week with what I THOUGHT was real HCG and came to find out last night, they were homeopathic. I just don't feel like these drops are doing much. I mean, ANYONE can lose 3 lbs in 5 days if they are only eating 500 calories. I thought i was going to be losing a pound per day and I'm not, and this frustrates me. I want to return my homeopathic drops and get REAL HCG, but I'm not sure where to order them from and if I'm even correct that the real will work better.



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    Hormone free HCG is not homeopathic HCG.

    Hormone free has no HCG in it, nor has it ever had it in it.

    Homeopathic HCG has real HCG in its molecular broken down form. They do this be vibrating the molecules and diluting them down in stages so just the pure "energy" of the molecule is left which fuses with the molecules in the carrier. Homeopathic HCG is real HCG in its purest form. Why homeopathic remedies work as they do is still not clear to science but in my opinion and experience they work and very well. You need to do a little experimenting with the HHCG to find your dose though same as the RX.

    Lisa ................. If you bought your HCG in the USA it has to be either the hormone free or homeopathic. The FDA has not approved it for over the counter or Internet sale in the USA in its RX form. That's not to say there are no fly by night companies that will violate that though.

    skinnykat.............. In my opinion, no the hormone free one wont work to burn just abnormal fat. You will burn structural fat and muscle as well. HCG doesn't burn the fat it locates the fat cells and opens them so your body can use your own fat as fuel. Its found in high amounts in pregnant women and is what opens the cells so you can feed the baby. We really dont need to eat for two when pregnant unless we are underweight already, thats just a old wives tale.

    If you prefer RX there is a forum section that explains it and how to get it and grammy is an expert and has posted tons of info to help new people.

    If you prefer real homeopathic drops learning to read the label is important, HCG should be the first active ingredient. It should be broken down with a set of numbers following it like 6X 12X 20X 30X. This is part of the molecular vibration process. Check the homeopathic section of the forum to read up on which products are good and which are bogus.

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    I used hormone free drops my first round. They worked just fine. They were the same ones my doctor used and she's very particular.
    Round One - 23.4 lbs. lost in 42 day round
    Went from 217.4 to 194
    During P3/P4, never went below 192.9 or above 195.6
    Began R2 at 195.1 - Got as low as 186.6
    Due to a death in the family followed by the holidays, that round was a bust
    Began R3 at 199.3

    Overall goal

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    I would never use hormone free ones. They are bogus. Any weight you lose will be from a starvation diet alone and you will struggle to maintain the loss. Those people selling them should be ashamed of themselves. They put hcg on the label and there is nothing in them.

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    Thank you for the info! I will definitely not be using the hormone free drops anymore!

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    Hormone free hcg

    Quote Originally Posted by skinnykat View Post
    Thank you for the info! I will definitely not be using the hormone free drops anymore!

    Hi, where u still feeling hungry while taking these hormone free hcg? I purchased hcg that claims to be real non-homeopathic hcg called Hcg Plus from bottled hcg. They claim to have 200 ui. But it only says that on the site not the bottle. I'm starting to think if maybe they're hormone free, found a site that had almost the same ingredients as the one I purchased and those say 100% hormone free hcg. So started wondering if I was scammed. Ugh. Thought I did enough research and thought they were really real hcg non-homeopathic drops like they claim. I started questioning if I got the real stuff because I get hunger pains thought the day. I'm on day 3 of the 500 vlcd and have lost 4 lbs so far, but really hope its not muscle? Can anyone recommend some good hcg drops that have really helped them lose weight and prevented hunger? If I was scammed I don't wanna purchase from another scam site.

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    Technically they cant sell RX drops in the USA so either they are a scam or they are doing so illegally. You have to purchase the RX overseas and mix it yourself just like with the shots.

    There are a few brands I like but they are homeopathic. They work just as well as RX in my opinion and its really just a matter of preference. I know tons of people who are successfully using them and I am on round 2 and have lost a total of 55 pounds since I started my first round which was mid August. That was with a break in between rounds to.

    HCG1234 from creative bioscience is my #1 favorite. Miracle skinny drops is another good brand a friend of mine used with great success. There are a few others and if you look in the homeopathic area as grammy suggest you will see a trend of whats the favorite of the moment. If you have your heart set on RX then check out the "where to get HCG thread" they have advice and tutorials on how to make your own drops.

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    I can also vouch for hcg1234. So far this diet has been a dream because they work so well for me. They also ship ridiculously fast for free.
    Start 148.6
    30 days P2 136.6

    -12 lbs & -18.75"


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