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Thread: How Much Vegetables?

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    I'm on day 6 and am starving. I figure if I added a little bit more vegetables I might make it pass this. Does anyone know how much fresh spinach are greens is allowed or how many cherry tomatoes; or asparagus or even chard.

    My instructions say- about the size of one medium tomato". So could in conclude that if I weigh the medium tomatoe , that what other vegetable I eat should be approx. the same weight?

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    I weighed everything...lots don't. If you are hungry veggies are what you should increase....not the protein or the fruit. Try to stay at the 500 calories.

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    My instructions say 2 cups of most of the vegetables but only 1 cup of tomato. After the first few days the hunger went away and I didn't bother measuring anymore. My friend never measured her vegetables, just ate what she felt like (not over doing it) and she did fine.

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    My clinic said to eat as much vegetables until you were full. NOt all day long, just at your meal time you can eat what you want since they are mostly water. Never had trouble losing.

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    I wish I had known this. I was weighing my veggies at 100 grams.

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    If you are starving, or even hungry, you need to adjust your dose. Skip tomorrow's dose and see if you feel better. If you do, lower the dose the next day. If you feel hungrier, raise the dose.

    As for vegetables, you can eat 500 calories a day total. Add up the calories in your fruit, meat, melba/grissini, lemon juice, 1 T milk. Any leftover calories up to 500 can be eaten as vegetables.


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