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Thread: Anyone Not Loosing a Pound a Day?

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    Just wondering if anyone is not have the amazing results that so many others blog about? I'm only losing about .5 pounds a day with absolutely no cheating. I'm thrilled to death for the .5 pounds a day....but I really wanted to lose the 40 pounds in 40 pounds as I have about 100 pounds to lose! I'm sticking with it...just wondering if anyone else is slow at loosing, or if anyone has any hints to up the lose?

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    Only men use that average of a pound a day, usually. Women aren't so lucky. :-( Women usually average closer to the .5 mark that you're hitting. Is your hcg fresh? Keeping it remixed often helps lose a little better.

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    i too have at least 100 lbs to lose but my first round was a 23 day round i lost 18lbs my second round was another 23 day round and i lost 12 this round i lost 10lbs so far but i also gained half of that during my load days! just be patient, where else can you lose .5 a day?? good luck!

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    My dtr and myself also are averaging about .5# a day(or little less..). This is our second round, and actually she is not quite losing at .5#. Not sure why.definitely NOT cheating.She did the 40 day first round and averaged about .66# a day.She really wanted the 40# in 40 days that is so well talked about. Now we are on shot day 12--and she has not even got to her liw since her gorging.Any suggestions out there?..

    However, .5 # a day is nothing to 'shake a stick at...' ;~)

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    Try a new batch of hcg??? It worked for me.

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    mixing new batch in am

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    How does one post a question to this forum?????????????

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    I'm 31 days on VLCD and I've lost 18 lbs--about .58 lbs/day, no cheating. I, too, was disappointed not to be doing the pound per day losses. But searching around this site shows many factors affect the loss rate--age, any health conditions, how much you have to lose overall, your prior eating habits, etc.

    As mcognibene said, .5 is a loss you won't get on any other diet (that's 1750 calories a day--that was my entire daily intake pre-hcg!).

    Having said that, after making sure my hcg was good, I did speed my loss rate up some by limiting my beef intake to 2 or 3 times a week (try more fish--it really gives the best results) and by increasing my water intake (maybe some of the weight is lost running to the bathroom-ha!) You can also try reassessing anything that touches your body for the forbidden oils and don't do the melba or grissini or the T of milk (honesty, it seems to be a teaser).

    Best of luck and keep up the good work!

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    June. You just post the question to the discussion you would like. Or you can create a new discussion. There are numerous discussions for P2, P3 and P4. And if you dont put it in the right one, someone is always reading and can answer the question for you.

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