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Thread: planned interruption question

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    planned interruption question

    So I started HHCG on Oct 16th then I switched to HCG injections. I feel like I just cant get into this round and this Sat is my birthday. Im considering taking a break till after Tday - which really isnt a big deal for me if I dont even do TDay Im not a huge Tday eater. But at least take a week break to get my head back in the game. Can I do this?

    If so, what do I need to do. Just stop injections tomorrow follow VLCD for 2 or 3 days? then move to P3 for a week? Then do I need to reload or just start with injections when Im ready to give it a go again.

    Just not sure if this is what I should do. Im so not mentally into this I have 5 more lbs to goal and 10 to double whammy goal which would be great.

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    yes, you would stop the injections, continue vcld for 72 hours then slowly add P3 foods. You can stay on an interruption for up to 2 weeks without reloading. When I did it, my first day back on hcg.. I ate more than normal and did sneak in a treat or two. Also some fish oil caps just because. Mainly I stuck to P3 foods then right back into P2 schedule.
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    I just did a "planned interruption" and basically LOST 3 weeks. I will never do it again. so you have your 3 days of no shots (I was on drops, so only 2), then I had 6 days of mostly P3 eating. I had planned 10 or 12 days, but I was gaining every day and gaining inches and worried. Then I did 2 mini load days (cause I was too hungry to go straight to VLCD, even though I know I didn't "need" to). Today is day 7 of VLCD and my weight is STILL NOT back down to the lowest it was during the round! So not worth it to me.

    I was sort of talked into it and I was curious and my husband was already on a break and I wanted cheese.
    AFTER I did that there were several new posts/topics about this and the overwhelming response was IT'S NOT WORTH IT! I do wish I had read them first.

    I say if your head is not in it, go ahead and cheat, you know you will lose 3 days...so even if you need to cheat for a couple of days, then you're still 5 or 6 days gone, but that's it. 3 weeks lost is just crazy to me, for only 6 days of P3 eating. Now, maybe you won't gain as much as I did, or you'll lose it back more quickly....my body tends to be senisitve and slow. But emotionally it was so disappointing to have been moving backwards.

    But I must say my resolve is rock solid now...there will be no deviations for me for quite a while.
    What got to me was so many others who could have a bite of this or that, or even a piece of this or that and still lose. When my results were slow, that started getting to me. It began with me trying a bite of this or that, and a few times I didn't gain, but I wasn't losing much either. The real problem was that having things off protocol really made me crave more and made me want more...then it became a head game. I find when I stick to protocol (after a little bit of time), staying with it becomes easy...yes easy....it's the little cheats that seem to cause cravings. Without them, I am just fine with the allowed foods.

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    Shuly I totally understand with you on this. For the past nine days I have been cheating with a bite here a nibble there. And it has made me want MORE!!!! TOday my head is back in this and I am bound and determined not to cheat again until I am finished with this round. I have only lost 13 pounds and in 3 days my drops will be gone. (30 day round). I have another bottle that I was going to wait until round 2 after christmas but instead I think I might just do them continuing this bottle I am using now. It all began with how much I could get away with. I was playing some game with myself and the HCG. I have lost!!! (not in the way I was hoping) I am sorry things are slower for you as they are for me as well. I haven't lost in so long and kept it off I feel like I should have quit a while ago. But I hope you lose soon and get into a flow of losing. =)

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    tasha, you should check, you may have actually been dropping inches. I do find that I lose weight or inches, but not usually both at the same time. Strange, but those inches are really motivating too!

    Good for you for getting your head back in it! And why do we play those games? Is it self sabotage?

    Because some people do lose so quickly, we do get very excited and think short term. I do think we need to view this long term, looking at our long term goals and realizing that with the resetting that happens, we can attain our goals LONG TERM...this time....finally! That excites me to no end!

    I guess I needed that experience to reset my resolve. I know that with each lb or inch I reduce, I NEVER want to add them back. I've bounced around for so many years, I guess I just need to accept mentally that the yoyoing is a thing of the past, and now allow my behaviour to support that I never have to go back!

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    Well I think my issue is that I only have 5 lbs to my goal and Im happy with my results thus far yes I would love to do the 10lbs before the holidays but my head and heart are not into it. I think if I take a couple days off and have those cocoa powdered almonds I crave and the mounds of steak I crave then I will be back into it. Cheating sucks because like you I too cheated and I just cant get past it.BTW for some reason I was thhinking Tday was next week - I will only take the weekend off most likely. I can do without Tday

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    just be very cautious- i took an interruption and in 4 1/2 days i gained TEN pounds! i didn't take a break until after dose 23, and i never had a bit of sugar or starch during my break- but i did eat a fair amount of cheese and really didn't pay too much attention to my overall calorie intake because i knew i was jumping right back on to the diet (not as careful as i would have been at the end of a round). i knew i was retaining water, but figured at some point the gain would stop, and it didn't. it's like my body just went nuts this time, and basically have lost nothing since my first vlcd back. so it's now been 12 days since i was at my lowest weight, and i'm still 4# up- definitely NOT worth it for me. it will be at least a 3 wk setback.
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    It's so funny how this topic has popped up right when i was contemplating taking a scheduled interruption for a christmas get together i'm planning. i'm only on vlcd3 and wondering how on earth i would manage to watch everyone around me scarfing down desserts and bread and .....can't think about it! when i first decided to do this diet i thought 'noooo problemo, i can do this, it's so worth the weight that will be lost' but man, doing it is something COMPLETELY different! It probably doesn't help that i'm pms'ing!!

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    My bday too is this saturday Nov 13th and ill be going to dinner with a few friends of mine.. still contemplating how to do this because i HAVE to eat. i was thinking of skipping drops that day, eat as little as i possible can during dinner, start the shots back up the next day and do a apple day. the first apple day i did after a cheat had good results. I figured with the hcg level in me not as high as it would be if i take the shot, i wont gain as much.. im currently on VLCD 11. lost 15lbs so far. I dont wanna jump into p3 now since im doing so well with the losses. thanksgiving being around the corner also doesnt help! ugh! LOL we'll see how this goes..
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    anglki33e3- let me know how your cheat goes. I am wondering if I should cheat this fri when I go out with my husband.


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