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Thread: Please post QUESTIONS here- we will try to answer asap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgsondance View Post
    brender- a vial of 5000 would give her 15 doses.
    thanks! I was figuring 15 days (twice a day) or is that what you meant??
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    yes, that's what i meant! 30 doses, or 15 days.
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    P2 how long?

    Folks I'll be starting in May. Total weigh loss goal is 60 - 80 lbs. I'm confused at how long P2 goes, I've seen 23 and 46 days, also a specific weight (34 lbs I think).

    I'll be doing shots, is it correct to skip a shot on the 7th day? Finally, does it matter what time if day the shot is administered?


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    you can do a round any length between 23 and 40 days, not to exceed a total of 34#. the shot time can be anytime as long as you do them roughly 24 hrs apart. yes- skip every 7th day. the newcomer threads might help you:
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    Is this my end of this diet?

    Hi. I have 5 more pounds to go and I am day 11. 2 days ago I felt so sick , I mean very weak and I could hardly stand on my feet.But I wasn't hungry at all. So I panicked and I though I needed to eat lot more protein and vegetable than what I supposed to eat.And I started taking B-12 as well. So I actually feel back to normal today. Is this mean I should not go on? I am still giving a shot in the morning.I don't know what to do. Any advice? Thank you so much.
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    that weakness is not unusual at this point in your round- after you lose so much the first week. i'd keep going, but if you feel like you need more food, eat a bit more. many people add in egg whites in the morning, or sugar-free protein shakes- and still lose very well.
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    Augh.... I could just kick myself....
    I am near the end of P3 and totally lost control on Easter. I have not varied from protocol at all (ever) until I gave into some fresh cinnamon rolls and hashbrown casserole on Sunday. I didn't even step on the scale Monday (because I just couldn't) and went ahead and did a steak day. Today I did step on the scale and see that I am still 4.6 pounds over my liw even with yesterday's steak day. Man, I am so disgusted with myself because it just wasn't worth it and am feeling so discouraged with myself.

    Do I just continue with days of eating lean protein every few hours (with some veggies and no fruit) until that weight comes off?

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    I need help......I am suppose to go into phase 4 tomorrow. However, my weight has not yet stabilized and I am having a hard time figuring out why. Today I will be doing another steak day. Here is my menu since 4/16. I hope someone can help me figure this out. Thanks.
    I drink about 4-5 cups of weak coffee everyday with sweet n low. also in the evening I might have a glass of whiskey with Zevia lemon line
    4/15 - Steak day
    4/16 - weight 125 (this is where I should be)
    3 scrambled eggs with milk
    sugar free lemon mousse made with splenda (Sweet Tomatoes)
    Salad with grilled chicken
    Ranch -
    I had salad both for lunch and for dinner.
    This was not a good day for me, I did not eat enough only 938 calories
    4/17 - 125.8
    3 scrambled eggs
    8oz chicken
    green beans
    protein shake with milk
    almond butter
    1081 calories - Note: on the weekends I only eat lunch and dinner because I get up late
    4/18 - 126.6
    Scrambled eggs
    8oz ground beef patty
    apple with cinnamon and splenda
    Protein shake
    6oz steak
    1378 calories
    4/19 - 126.4
    Med Appple
    almond butter - 4 T
    extra large salad with baby spring mix, tomatoes, cucumber, egg, ranch dressing
    6oz Hamburger patty
    1312 calories
    4/20 - 126.6
    2 med apples
    1/4 c almond butter
    large salad with chicken same as day before with ranch
    protien powder
    sugar free turtles
    1569 calories
    4/21 - 127 -
    3 eggs scramble with 3oz ground beef
    6oz Rib eye steak
    5 chicken tenders
    4T ranch dressing
    1/4 c almonds
    1701 Calories
    4/22 - 127 - Found out the ranch I had been eating first ingredient soybean oil - ditched the ranch
    3 scrambled eggs
    3 oz ground beef
    carb master yogurt
    8oz chicken breast
    4 T almond butter
    black forest ham
    1/2 c or less sugar free ice cream (Clemmy's)
    1503 calories
    4/23 - 126.6
    almond butter
    2 chicken salad sandwiches eaten on oopsie rolls
    black forest ham
    fruit salad - apples and pineapple
    1 almond butter and SF fruit spread eaten on oopsie rolls
    carb master yogurt
    1659 calories
    4/25 - 126.4
    smoked link sausage
    3 scrambled eggs
    large salad spring mix chicken
    Brianna's buttermilk ranch - all natural no soybean oil
    6oz chicken breast sautead in olive oil
    1T butter
    almond butter
    protein shake
    1677 calories
    4/26 127.6 ---------Steak Day---------ARRGGG!!! Hope it works this time.

    Sorry for the long posts........Someone please help me figure this out. I do not want to go into phase 4 until I do.

    Thank You so much,
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    You could just be one that stabilizes 3 or 4 pounds over LIW. However, I'm not sure you're eating enough. Some days you're eating items that could be sausage, black forest ham, etc. - have you double checked those for added sugars? Another thing that stands out is the artificial sugars - sugar free, carb control, splenda, etc. That might be messing with your sugar levels and causing some gains. Also some fruits such as bananas are fairly high in sugars as well.

    Just my two cents.

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    Hey guys,

    My debate is that i'm on phase 2 and just about to enter phase 3. But this weekend i'm going away to Niagara Falls for a friends b-day party and I know i'll be drinking and eating different foods, I can stay away from starches and carbs in food but i'll be drinking vodka.

    So should I stay on phase 2 allow a cheat weekend and make it up the following week?

    or go to phase 3 now and have a weekend where I eat and drink and then work out to make up the gains?

    What do you guys think? I'm about 10 lbs maybe 15 at the most away from my ideal body weight.

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