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Thread: Soy Sauce

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    Why is Soy Sauce not allowed? There is no fat, and no carbs or sugars. Has anyone tried it?

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    Yep I read the ingredients on the soy sauce at home it has starch

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    starch? how does it have no carbs then?

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    Tamari is wheat-free soy sauce. Gluten-free diet friendly. San-J Organic I know is wheat, gluten-free.

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    vegasmom28, because the company thinks were all dumb and try to hide that kinda stuff on the label, lol

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    I have been using braggs Amino acids for years instead of soy or tamari. Have used it often on hcg, and it has not effected my losses. In fact have used it in chicken soup all week, and have had best weight loss to date. The sodium does not cause water retention. Worth giving a try, as it really adds flavor to the food.

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    But if you notice a slow down, cut the Braggs. Some can use it and some can't. I can't. :-(

    vegasmom, they don't have to list the carb content if it's under 1. But that doesn't matter, it's the wheat that isn't good. I think those of us with thyroid problems might be the ones who can't use the Braggs either. It's got soy too and soy messes with the thyroid.

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    Soy messes with female hormones.

    Even Bragg's, which I highly recommend AFTER you have reintroduced in P4, can "mess" with the P2 phase because HCG is basically a female hormone.

    Again, some use it without trouble, like Deb, but many who use it experience a slow down or stall.

    Definately would not use it myself until week 2 of P4...

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    what does the amino stuff taste like? I have never tried it.

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