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Thread: How long did you stay on P2? 100 days. . .

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    How long did you stay on P2? 100 days. . .

    I was wondering how long everyone stayed on P2, I love it so much that I want to just keep going after the 40 days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by courtneyelaine View Post
    I was wondering how long everyone stayed on P2, I love it so much that I want to just keep going after the 40 days!
    On my first round, I did 70 days of VLC (including the last 3 w/o HCG. Would I recommend it? No. Everyone should follow Dr. S's protocol. If you do decide to go long, please listen to your body. If you find that you start getting short tempered, mysterious pains, very hungry, or just "out of sorts", then transition to P3 (via protocol).

    Good luck!

    PS: I love P2 too! Can't wait to get back on!
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    Week 2: - 1.6
    Week 3: -1.0
    Week 4: -5.4
    Week 5: -2.8, +5.8, -1: +2
    Week 6: -4.4
    Week 7: -2.6

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    I did 40 days my first round, shorter rounds my next two, and this one I'm staying on until I get to my goal in 7 more lbs, however long that takes, probably about 2 weeks. I've been on for 26 days followed by a weeklong interruption and then 5 more days. I hate everything about P2 except for the fact that this works. I can't wait to be done.

    100 days sounds miserable. If you choose to do it (and I'd advise against it), I would suggest taking an interruption or two to allow your body to restore some nutrients, your skin to shrink into place, and to give your poor liver a break processing all the stored fat and toxins.

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    49 days

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    I did 47 days but I think round 2 will be 25-30 days

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    I feel a lot depends on what method you are using, but regardless I wouldn't recommend going beyond the 34 lb limit in a round.

    This diet is very hard on the liver and is near protein malnutrition. Going too long you could feasible create more problems than you correct. Fatty liver disease being one of them. Your skin also needs the break to catch up.
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    I stayed on just about 40 days last time. This time, I plan to stay on until I lose my weight. I have 20 more lbs & I am on day 15. So hopefully, in 25 more days I will lose 20lbs. But if for some reason I don't, I am not adverse to going 50 - 60 days to lose the last few lbs.
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    I know I am not strict protocol...so can I stay on longer? When I decided to go on hcg drops I did so after reading Dr. Oz recomendation of 800 calories. As I work a very physical job I thought I could do it with 800 calories. So far so good. I also think I could go longer because I am not as caloricly restricted.
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    I did 58 days my first round (counting 3 non-hcg VLCDs), but the first 10 days were on homeopathic drops, so technically only 45 days on Rx. Good luck!
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    Week 2- 130.8- 131.8
    Week 3- 131.6- 133.4

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