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Thread: Sugar Free Candy P2

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    I do realize this is NOT protocol but has anyone tried an occasional piece of sugar free chocolate without it sabotaging their losses on P2? I'm on R2P2VLCD#2 and the cocoa delight ain't cuttin it-lol! Please weigh in!

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    When I saw that you (grammy1952) had responded, I knew I wasn't going to get a "sugar coated" answer but thanks anyway-lol! Since you're here, is it ok to continue taking supplements (enzymes, probiotics, fiber and potassium) in P2 or should I bring it to a halt until I start P3?

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    LOL! I was the worst possible chocoholic, hon. So I know what you're going through. But for a life long change, break the back of that addiction! I still don't dare let chocolate in the house. It sings such a sweet song. LOL I still took all my supplements except fish oil. You might just check your fiber for sugar or starch, calories and carbs. The other things should be fine!

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    Oh do I know that song : ) but you're right-I'm striving for a life long change. Thanks for the info! You're one of my hcg heroes!!!

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    I'm with nugroth. If I see something new posted on here. I don't do it until Grammy says I can!

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    I need some sugar free jelly bellies, bad.
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