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Thread: Turkey Burger

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    Just here to share...

    Buy lean ground turkey (i bought a pound)
    fresh chopped onions....(i also added chopped peppers)
    all purpose seasoning (salt,galic,onion,++++) whatever you love!
    mix together make into a flat rectangle and plop onto grill
    its done fast and its sooo good!!! I ate it for dinner last night and I still have half of it in the fridge for later

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    That sounds really good...but I a hooked on the Frozen Costco brand turkey patties. I throw them on the George forman forzen, or a fry pan with Pam and they are done in about12 min..I make 5 at a time and take them for work for my protein snack.

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    is that allowed though?... im not one to say "NO YOUR NOT RIGHT", BUT what you are getting is processed, and you are using pam..... are you in p3? I'm still in p2, I'm scared of p3 lol mainly because there are more temptations, and I like to drink!

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    I was told no turkey in P2, but now I am in P3 and can't wait for my turkey burgers again! I make them with spinach and goat cheese............ YUM! I have been waiting 8 weeks for one.

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    No that isn't on protocol. Neither is Pam. :-( But I know some clinics allow turkey. We're not sure why it's not on the original protocol but it's not, doggone it!

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    grammy, are you saying it's not protocol for P3 either? I know it's not for P2 but I thought it was ok for P3

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    ok, yay! that was my dinner I had planned for tonight. yum!


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