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Thread: Uh-oh, Already Ordered the Corion

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    I ordered the corion hcg before finding the forums... I figured since it's manufactured in Switzerland, it should be good. But now I'm reading that people were hungry on the Corion. If that's the case, could I fiddle with the dosage until the hunger goes away? I should be getting it next week, and I'm planning on doing 175 as my dosage starting off. Adjusting the dosage should help with the hunger issues, right?

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    I use Ovidac...and I have been experiencing hunger with it.

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    i use prygnl and was so hungry the first time that i ended up going off it. i lowered my dose when i went back on and perfectly fine now. the only advice i can give you is on your loading days dont load with crap load with peanuts, steaks stuff like that not mcdonalds and junk food. it will fill your reserves better which will make u less hungry in the end

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    very cool, thanks for the help so when I start, I'll begin doing the sq injections at 175, and after vlcd 3 or 4, if i'm hungry i'll try lowering it to 150. does this sound right? or should i wait untl vlcd 5 or 6?

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    i'd start at 150 if you're using the corion. same with ovidac.
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    ok... I'm so impatient to start, grrrr, just waiting on the hcg now.

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    The last time i did this diet I used 5000 Hcg. And can't remember which brand it was. But I mixed it with 10cc bac-water, and took injections at the 22cc mark on the needle. Which is a little less than 125iu. I didn't feel I was eating that much more during loading days, I could have done better. But I think I gained around 3 pounds in those two days. From day one after loading I never felt hungry. How ever after about two weeks the HCG either stopped working or I got immune which was right after my period. I kept with it a week or so after my period ended but it was still just not working. So I figured the HCG maybe lost it's potency. So this time I got three bottles of 2000 Hcg so it can't go bad. Not knowing what brand I got last time, I ordered Corion. Wanting to mix the same as I did last time so I mixed the 2000 Corion powder with 4 cc's Bac-water. And have been taking shot's at the 22cc line on the needle. Well It was hard to gain during loading days. So I did an extra day. But still after 3 days I only gained 1.4 pounds. Today is my first starvation day, and I'm absolutely starving!!! Which is all the opposite of what happen last time on the diet. So I'm just not sure what I should do?

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