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Thread: Exact same meal for dinner as lunch?

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    I am a bit confused about whether I must eat exactly the same things for dinner as I had for lunch That is what I have been doing but I seem to have read on the lines here that you are NOT supposed to do that. Which is correct for the Dr. S protocol?

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    Hi debbiek

    Yes you can have the Exact same meal for both meals.

    What you can't do is mix veggies etc for any one meal.


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    Trudeau says not to have the same item more than once a day, but the original protocol does not say this. I have frequently seen on different programs that they want you to vary your food choices as much as possible.
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    According to Trudeau's book (based on Dr. Simeon's research for phase 2), you do not eat the same thing for lunch and dinner on the same day. Variety - so for example, if you have chicken, lettuce and apples for lunch, eat different choices like beef, cucumbers and grapefruit for your protein, vegetable and fruit for your dinner meal.

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    Does anyone know if cauliflower is allowed in phase 2?
    It is in the cabbage family.

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    Many, many days I have chicken & lettuce for both lunch & dinner.
    I thought that I had read not to eat the same fruit.

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    cauliflower is not allowed in P2.
    Mixig fruit is okay, mixing vegetables is not.

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    The original protocol, Simeon's NOT the Trudeau one, doesn't say anything about not being able to have the same meal. I've often done that. Trudeau adds some stupid stuff.

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    Hmmm the clinic I go to say's you can mix vegs. as long as it is only one cup.

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