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Our pick for complete hCG Injection kits as well as vitamin and supplement injections for hCG Diet Plans.

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Company:  hCG Diet Packs


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hCG Diet Info has reviewed thousands of hCG suppliers and we confidently recommend hCG Diet Packs for ordering hCG Diet Injections online.



Why we recommend this company:

  • This hCG is American-made and shipped from a domestic compound pharmacy.
  • Physician prescribed, with 24/7 customer support.
  • Top quality hCG, high standard manufactured.
  • Low prices & easy, secure ordering for all hCG & Vitamin Injection kits.
  • International and FPO address shipping available.
  • Simplified kits: buy your hCG injection kits, your b12, injection supplies, and other diet optimizers all in one place.

Our top reason for recommending hCG Diet Packs for hCG orders, is peace of mind.   We appreciate a company that allows you to know exactly what you are buying, when it will arrive and that offers someone you can talk to 24/7.

hCG Injection Kits Reviewed:

These hCG injection kits include everything needed for self-administering your hCG as well as a comprehensive day by day dietary guide to assist in your hCG weight loss.  The combo kits are ideal, based on feedback we received from hCG dieters that benefited from purchasing multiple vials to save time and money.  Additional supplements offered as separate purchases, (vitamin b1 for example) are also available, making it simple to purchase everything in one place.

Consultations with a medical professional are offered for all health or wellness concerns, with an hCG customer service line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Injection kits based on Dr. Simeons’ original hCG Diet manuscript, Pounds and Inches.


HDI Recommended hCG Injection Kits:  The “28 day two vial hCG injection kit” and the “Best Value combination kit.”

28 Day Two Vial hCG Injections Kit

Lose weight with the support of a friend! The 28 Day Two Vials Program provides enough hCG for two 28 day hCG Injection Programs or one 56 day hCG program at a substantial quantity discount. This program is ideal for one extended hCG Diet Program for those who need to lose more than 25 pounds, or for two people trying to lose between 10 to 25 pounds. Each kit includes the hCG Diet eBook which outlines the entire hCG diet program (When and where to inject), 2 vials of Powdered hCG (5,000 IU each) made in the USA by Trim Nutrition Pharmacy, LLC., 2 vials of Bacteriostatic Water for mixing with the hCG, 2- 5ml Mixing Syringes, 60 Insulin syringes (very small needles) for self-injection, and 60 alcohol prep pads. This is everything you will need to get started today. See our recommended products to support your hCG Diet program and be sure to check out our best value hCG Combo Kits.


Best Value Combination Kit

BEST VALUE. 28 Day hCG/Lipo7
Combo Weight Loss Program

Enhance your fat loss results with US Vitamin Injections’ best-selling combo package. Single & double vial 28 days HCG and Lipo 7 programs give you the advantage you need to shed that stubborn belly fat in record time. The hcg diet protocol is well known as rapid weight loss and fat loss program. Now you can turbo charge these results by using the program with our Lipo 7 product which is specifically designed as a fat melting lipotropic injection that provides an energy boost and mood enhancement.


Please join the hCG Diet Info Forums, to learn more about how adding certain supplements can greatly increase your weight loss and how you feel throughout the protocol.


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