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    are you guys talking about the online one, or the prinster one? i bought the prinster one and sent it back- i didn't think it was worth it, and most of the recipes seemed like common sense to me.

    terry- are you talking about the online one?
    • hCGDietAuthorTerry
    • TimeMay 22nd 2009
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    • hCGDietAuthorBettieT
    • TimeMay 22nd 2009
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    I bought the ebook by Tammy Sykes at

    It's got some pretty good recipes in it but the cost was $39.95. I know I paid too much. The recipes do seem to have much of the same spices in them all.
    • hCGDietAuthorILuvKats
    • TimeMay 24th 2009
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    I bought all three of the books mentioned, but i am what could be classified as cooking challenged. i do think alot of the recipes use similar spices, but if you are not used ot cooking with spices (some of mine had expiration dates from the 1980"s on them) then its a small price to pay for a quick education that really helps you get through this protocol. It did think the Skye book online was better than the Printzer 101 recipes, but I really value her HCG Diet Guide Book. It has lots of tips and tricks in it, including brands of oil free moisturizers and cosmetics to use. Bottom line, I know all these things have a cost, but it is small in comparison to the benefit we receive from doing the protocol successfully and losing weight. I try to gleen info anywhere I can, books, forums, friends, etc....every little piece of info helps in the process. Five years from now 39.95 will seem like nothing in the scheme of things! Hang in there everyone!!!!!! We can all do this!!!!
    • hCGDietAuthorhcgloser
    • TimeMay 24th 2009
     # 15permalink
    Hey, Terry, you said you can send it, would you send to me?

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    Hi Terry,

    I am new here so you probably don't know me, yet.
    But if you are willing to send it to me as well, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for even considering it.
    • hCGDietAuthorartlover
    • TimeMay 29th 2009
     # 17permalink
    I bought the book, but I didn't realize it was an ebook until it was too late. By the time you print the thing out (it's big) it gets pretty pricey. I only had about a week left on VLC when I bought it. There is a "Waldorf salad - type recipe in there that's to die for!
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    wait Terry, Me too? Thanks
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    The cook book is listed as #1 on the recipies thread from another forum...for free
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    originally posted on that site by hcgloser:

    There is another forum with some great ideas on recipes. Here is the link: