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    This is not so much about HCG but maybe someone out there has experienced what i have...I had a full and complete hysterectomy in October 2009 I have been getting hormone replacement therapy since my surgery, since starting the HCG diet I stopped my injections I feel fine now. BUt...i am sure it wont last. I dont want my hormone imbalance to get in the way of sustaining my weight . I am in day 36 of P2LCD starting P3 very soon. Is there something natural I can take to balance my hormones. I really don't want to get those injections anymore...I was growing facial hair and my hair was falling the chances you take with Breast Cancer and Blood Clots no thanks. I am only 39 years old I think my libido is still important along with a sense of well being.

    Any one out there going through the same thing? And or found a solution where I can go to a health food store and get a supplement.

    Thank you in Advance,

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    Progesterone cream has been very good for me. But I'm in a different situation as you - I'm perimenopausal. I take black cohosh as well, but honestly can't tell a huge difference from it. But if I forget to use the progesterone cream, I can see a difference in a few days.
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    Thank you free butterfly...I have not experienced any kind of menopause just yet...but I am sure it is waiting for me somewhere down the road...thinking in advance before it gets bad I guess I will go to High Health and see if i can get something natural.
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    I'm a huge fan of bioidentical hormones! They have changed my life. as young as you are, you need hormones but they need to be natural and balanced out right. There is no danger of blood clots or breast cancer when the natural estrogen is balanced with the progesterone. Plus your weight will be much more stable that way. I had a complete hysterectomy at 23 and was on estrogen alone for 30 years. My weight went up and up. My migraines got worse and worse. Then 3 years ago I discovered the bioidentical. No more migraines, no more swelling in my ankles, no more brain fog. My hair is thick again. My weight stabilized (I still needed to get off the excess though.) They are life changing!
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    I'm 51 had a total hysterectomy dec 08 take estradiol, tried to stop but hot flashes returned :( also on progesterone and testosterone
    compounded to dissolve under your tongue feeling great....
    • hCGDietAuthorbstein
    • TimeMay 21st 2010
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    I also use bioidentical hormones. Progesterone to balance out estrogen dominance. Has helped my migraines as well. I stopped the progesterone about 2 years ago (per a different doctor) and I gained 20 lbs. within a few months. I was at an extremely healthy weight and had not changed any eating habits. It was strictly due to stopping my progesterone and I got out of whack hormonally. No amount of "dieting" got me back until HCG.

    The synthetic hormones are scary to me. My mom age 65 had been on them after her hysterectomy. She is now a survivor of breast cancer which they linked to the synthetic hormones she was taking.

    I also take testosterone in an injection once a week small amount and has helped me (and my husband) tremendously!

    BTW, I am 40 years old. : )
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    dawn- personally, i would not go off hormones (for anyone else reading) while on the hcg- you're opening yourself up to all kinds of new issues. i'd start them back up immediately, but at the same time make an appt with your doc and tell them you want to take the bioidentical ones.
    • hCGDietAuthorMs_FSU
    • TimeMay 21st 2010
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    I had a complete hysterectomy 5 years ago (I'm now 36) and I just found bioidentical hormones and they are wonderful! Before I found out about that I was on a mix of estrogen and progesterine in a pill called estratest and it was worthless. I had my hormone levels checked and I had virtually no estrogen in my system. I was shocked! I also had gained weight and had trouble losing weight. Now that I am on the bioidentical hormones I no longer have hot flashes, night sweats or weight gain. I am able to lose weight and I don't have head aches any more either. Bioidentical Hormones are the way to go! Oh, I also take DHEA with my bioidentical hormones and the combination works great!
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    Hey! I think I need some bioidentical hormones. I've heard Suzanne Sommers talk about them on the radio. So where do you get them? They're prescription meds, I assume? How much do they cost? Thanks!
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    They have to be compounded at a special pharmacy. A doctor has to prescribe them. Many gynecologists will do them now or you can go to an antiaging clinic. Do a search on Google in your town or just ask your GP.
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