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    while at my HCG dr. yesterday, he told me it was ok to eat this bread while on P2. Says its available at whole foods and that it tastes good. i'm on P3 until the end of the month and would love to have a piece of toast with my eggs. i'm going to try it this weekend and see what happens. Don't think I'll try it in P2
    the following info came from their website:

    Product Information:
    Ezekiel 4:9™ Sprouted Grain Bread
    *Organic Sprouted Wheat, *Organic Sprouted Barley, *Organic Sprouted Millet, Malted Barley, *Organic Sprouted Lentils, *Organic Sprouted Soybeans, *Organic Spelt, Filtered Water, Fresh Yeast, Sea Salt. *Organically grown and processed in accordance with the California organic foods act of 1990.

    Size: 24 oz. (1 1/2 lbs.) 680 g
    Suggested Price: $2.36

    The Live Grain Difference™

    Food For Life Bakery makes breads of unmatched nutritional value and flavor using America’s finest certified organically grown Montana spring wheat.

    Different from most breads today, Food For Life sprouted grain breads are made from freshly sprouted certified organically grown live grains and contain absolutely no flour. We know there are many so-called "natural breads" on the market. Food For Life breads are better for you because they have THE LIVE GRAIN DIFFERENCE!™ Live grains make the difference because they have more nutrients and they taste better.

    The secret is in the sprouts!
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    Moxiegirl, I think I would double check w/ your doctor about the bread. Does he/she follow the Simeon protocol to the letter? I have eaten Ezekial in the past and I like it a lot, but it has carbs in it. It is all grains and they are a no no, so I would be really careful. If you look at eah variety, they are all ,ade with items that we can't have. I think it would be worse for you than the breadsticks or Melba. My gut is that you shouldn't have it unti P4.
    Curious to hear what doc says, let us know.
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    i'd agree. unless he's saying you can have a really, really, tiny piece instead of your melba toast? i wouldn't risk it. but you're far enough along in P3 that you might be ok having just a little.
    • hCGDietAuthorhcgloser
    • TimeJul 2nd 2009
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    While I do agree - don't do it in P2, I do think for P4, it's a wise choice for bread - very healthy to do sprouted grain bread.
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    I love Ezekiel bread but it would NOT be good for P2. Even for P3, I'd avoid it. way too many carbs and it would stall you, I'm sure. I know it's hard not to have the bread but your body is resetting. You sure don't want to mess that up!
    • hCGDietAuthorsusiered
    • TimeOct 29th 2009
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    so ezekiel bread is considered a starch right cause thats what I've been eating on p4 for breakfast and today a sandwich for lunch so I had it twice today...hope i'm adding the starches right, have had a few chips with salsa and even a few forks full of refried beans and so far I've gained a pound and that happened when I added starch to 2 meals a day so today i only had ezekiel bread today twice hope the scale goes back down in the morning.
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    yes- it's a starch. but since it's pretty much a "whole" food, you should be ok adding it to P4. how early is it in P4? in the beginning you should only add in starch to one meal a day, and keep monitoring your weight. if your weight stays stable for a week or 2, then start trying 2 servings of starch a day if you want to.
    Thankful People: susiered
    • hCGDietAuthorsusiered
    • TimeOct 29th 2009
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    Im starting day 6 in the morning so I hope the bread twice today will have been I'm getting worried;(
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    It's a great bread and it's sprouted grain so a bit different from most breads out there. How did you do on your weigh in this morning?
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    I added a slice of ezekiel bread each day on day 19 of P3 and had no weight change. I think the key is small amounts, and probably depends on how many other carbs you had in addition to the bread.