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    no sex here, just wanted to get the attention of lots of people. If u are reading this it worked. Sorry for the little trick. But I do have an important question.

    I have to still loose over 65-80 lbs and just started my 2nd round. Lost 24 lbs the first time, but looking over my charted weight loss, most was the first 3 weeks. I started at 250 after loading, and after 23 days was down to 232. The last half was a sluggish little up, little down, and i finished at about 225. So that was only 7 lbs. Has anyone who still needs a few more rounds, done the 23 day cycle, maintained for 4-6 weeks and then gone on the 23 day cycle again? I was able to maintain at 226-227 easily for the last 6 weeks. My husband likes the idea of doing the 23 days and giving my body a rest. I really think he just misses going out to dinner.

    Perhaps i should consider this cycling thing i am reading about? Not sure exactly what that is though. Any thoughts friends?
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    I had a very low loss the second half of the 45 day. After 30 days I really just played with 5 pounds. The doctor feels that my body became immune at around 30 days and suggested to do the remaining rounds in 23-30 day increments and see how it goes. I am on day 3 of p3 and need to wait the 6 weeks before starting r2. I will be trying the doctor recommendation though and see how it goes.
    • hCGDietAuthorhcgloser
    • TimeJul 10th 2009
     # 3permalink
    I kinda agree, I think it's easier to do 23 days and the additional weight loss is not that big where if you took your break and then went to another 23 day, you'll lose just as well. The key perhaps being to just do 3 weeks break before next 23 day cycle.

    Although I must say, I would have never lost 33 pounds in 23 days. It took the 40-day protocol. But by 23 days I was sooooooooooooo ready for a break.
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    I also am on day 3 of P3 after 40 days. The last week I only lost about a pound so will do 3 short rounds instead of the long one plus a short. I also am only going to do the 3 week break and go back on so I can get in 2 more short rounds before middle of October. I would like to go out to dinner on my 10th anniversary in San Francisco.
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    sounds good guys. I also think if i do the 23 days and then take a break for 4 weeks, load last week of aug, my birthday weekend! and start 3rd round 1st week sept. now thats a plan. holy crap, i could be part of the one-der club before halloween.
    • hCGDietAuthorcindi
    • TimeJul 10th 2009
     # 6permalink
    I would love to get my 2nd round in this year, but isn't going to be possible. I'm already planning my 2nd round for January 2010, haven't even finished cindi
    • hCGDietAuthorhcgloser
    • TimeJul 10th 2009
     # 7permalink
    Stessie - the onderland club is really wonderful. When I finally joined it, I was so happy - going on the scale at the doctors office was not so hard they would go to 150 instead of the 200 or 250 clunk. It sure makes you feel good. And in time for Halloween - good for you!!!!!!!!!!
  5.  # 8permalink
    wow, not hearing that 200 clunk is almost enough to make me giddy. I was 198 at my wedding and i dont think my hubby has seen me much smaller than that. I keep saying i cant wait to be a 14/16, because anything under that is way to much for my head to imagine.
    Hcgloser- what is your opionin of the 23 day cycle vs the 43 day?
    Pricilla- that sounds like what i think i may do. 2 more short rounds. maybe three before the end of the year.
    • hCGDietAuthorlgoode82
    • TimeJul 10th 2009
     # 9permalink
    i have heard and read alot lately that its best to do jsut what your are saying 23 day then even 3 weeks Phase 3, then round 2 of 23 days...if you figure it out both ways is 12 weeks total..but with weight loss slowing so much half way through the 43 day overall you are likely to lose more by doing 2-23 day rounds. Plus its alot easier mentally to get through 23 days of VLCD opposed to 43 days..
  6.  # 10permalink
    I am getting more and more convinced this is the way to go. How much of a break do you take in between rounds??