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    • hCGDietAuthoramyleigh
    • TimeOct 9th 2009
     # 21permalink
    Oooooh I cannot even WAIT to have my glass of shiraz! =D One more week!!!!
    • hCGDietAuthorjfromSTL
    • TimeOct 9th 2009
     # 22permalink
    I usually drink bourbon and h20. Had a glass last nite and no problem. Just drank alot of water during the day and before bed.
    but I love my cabs and merlots so will wait another week for those. D1 of P3.
  1.  # 23permalink
    This is all really, really good news. P3 here I come LOL
    • hCGDietAuthorbetheaux
    • TimeNov 10th 2009
     # 24permalink
    I have had alcohol three times on P2! Dr. S says it can be acceptable. You just are limited to spirits quite frankly. I ordered a "Citron Martini" straight up at a bar, and he dumped straight Citron vodka into my glass. Let's just say it was cheaper and more potent than if I had gotten two Lemon Drops with sugary mix in them.

    I also have had rum and diet coke twice, no gain with either. You just have to drink in moderation and have lots of water afterwards. Makes all the difference.
  2.  # 25permalink
    No he doesn't say it's acceptable on P2! Only on P3 and beyond. You were lucky. :-)
    • hCGDietAuthorbetheaux
    • TimeNov 10th 2009
     # 26permalink
    Grammy, I would suspect that "during treatment" and "under HCG" would mean P2.

    From Pounds and Inches:

    Obese heavy drinkers, even those bordering on alcoholism, often do surprisingly well under HCG and it is exceptional for them to take a drink while under treatment. When they do, they find that a relatively small quantity of alcohol produces intoxication. Such patients say that they do not feel the need to drink This may in part be due to the euphoria which the treatment produces and in part to the complete absence of the need for quick sustenance from which most obese patients suffer."

    Now, I would safely assume that this is not just limited to alcoholics, but after reading P&I's several times through, alcohol is not banned. It is not on the food list, no, but not banned.

    I was not lucky, I was prepared.
    • hCGDietAuthorbetheaux
    • TimeNov 10th 2009
     # 27permalink
    Sorry, didn't want to come off as snippy :-S. Believe me, if it was banned I would steer clear. There's just been some evenings where a little libation has come in a bit handy for me, and one drink does it.
    • hCGDietAuthorgrammy1952
    • TimeNov 10th 2009 edited
     # 28permalink
    You're not reading that right, Beth. He said it was exceptional (meaning unusual) for them to take a drink while on hcg. When they did it made them drunk. It's used to help alcoholics get off alcohol by some doctors because of this effect of making them not want to drink. All that's allowed on P2 is the food list. And unfortunately alcohol isn't listed. :-(
    • hCGDietAuthorbetheaux
    • TimeNov 10th 2009
     # 29permalink
    Oh well. I tried right? Anyways, I won't glamorize it anymore because I don't want to mislead or set a bad example to newbies. I'll just keep my imbibing to myself, lol.
  3.  # 30permalink
    It will likely catch up to you eventually, Beth. It's pure sugar in your bloodstream. :-( On my first two rounds I still had my creamer because I rationalized to myself that it couldn't be any worse than the milk I wasn't drinking. LOL Now that I've given it up in my third round, my losses are sooo much better.