Featured Member Blog Post: hungry on hcg p3

Hi guys, wanted to know if I’m eating enough calories on p3. Finished 30 days of hcg shots at 250 iu from an hcg clinic. Loss 43lbs. and now on day 6 of p3. I am eating between 1200 to 1500 calories a day. No sugars and no starches. My weight is very stable @ 1 lb above LIW. For some reason today for the first time I feel hungier than usual. Have doubled my protein intake and not excercising. Should I increase my calories? I’m male, 5’8 and 300lbs. Read more….


Which hCG Diet Plan is Best for Me?

Which hCG Diet Plan is Right for YOU- So many hCG Diet Programs have come out in the last few years, it can be confusing to figure out which one is best.  There is no right or wrong choice so it’s easy to choose according to your own preferences.  Read the differences between hCG Diet […] Read more….


Sauna for Weight Loss

Can you lose wait just sitting in the sauna? There is actually a lot more to it than you would think. Sitting in an appropriately heated sauna raises the heart rate significantly and has effects on the internal system that do in fact burn calories. I personally have used the sauna for weight loss and […] Read more….


hCG Diet Phase 4 Tips

To ensure long term stabilization of your hCG weight loss, follow these hCG Diet Phase 4 Tips. These practices will help to avoid the need for a steak day or similar correction day. Use a little common sense and a lot of willpower. It’s important to remember that as with any diet, long term successes […] Read more….


hCG Diet P3 Tips

hCG diet P3  is very critical to your long term weight loss success in your hCG journey. You’ve worked hard to lose the weight in Phase 2 by maintaining a VLCD (very low calorie diet), and now it’s important to stabilize your body at the new weight so that you can prevent any gains. hCG […] Read more….

Featured hCG Diet Info Member Blog Post: P3 and TOM

Hello everyone! I need some advice on a possible correction day for p3. Today is my 10th day into p3 of hcg. (My last LCW was 127.6) So far stabilization has been good with no issues. I began to add things slowly into my diet, and I seemed to stay at 127.8 all week for the most part. However three days ago I noticed the weight peeking up slightly first by 1.2 lbs. the next day it was another 1.2, and today it was another .4 gain. So at this point I’m considering a correction day TODAY! My only confusion is that I’m not sure if these gains the last three days have been because of me not eating enough protein or because I started TOM. I have to admit I have not been eating enough protein. I have not cheated or eaten anything rogue off protocol. I did however made a pizza of almond bread crust two days ago, and ate that baby up like it was going out of style! Perhaps too much almond bread? Idk I’m really confused. I have been eating almond bread since day 1 of p3 and have not seem to have any issues until 3 days ago. Then again like I said TOM also arrived 3 days ago, and to be clear on that, TOM has not fully let completely loose if u know what I mean. It’s been there, a little shy but it has begun. So my question is, should I do this correction day? Or is it possible this slight gain is hormonal? Are corrections days recommended during TOM visits? Read more….

hCG Diet Forums Question: Help! I’m not losing anymore!

hcg diet stall - apple day

I started Hcg 3 weeks ago and I have lost 20lbs.however in the last week I have been at the same weight,fluctuation within about .2 ounces.I’m scared to do an Apple day because from what I have read you could gain and/or they are kind of pointless to do.any advice?this is my first time doing hcg. Thanks Read more….

hCG Diet Forums: My naturpath is stumped! Feedback/advice please!

Hi all, My naturopath started me on DHEA, Progesterone cream, VitD, iron, candida supplements, hydrocortisone 5mg twice a day, and nature-throid 16.25 twice a day… I started these in February and March, and went to the lab on Saturday (day #20 of my cycle). My most recent results are below: Test/ Reference Range / My Result: April ’14 DHEA: Read more….

hCG Diet Forums: What day is considered 1st day of Phase 3?

Hello, I’ve searched and couldn’t find the answer. I know it might seem like a silly question but, I’m confused on this.. I took my last dose of hhcg the morning of 4/14/14. Do I consider this phase 3D1 or is it after the 48 hours? Thank you in advance for the help!…:-) Read more….

hCG Diet Forums: want to stay POP, are these ok?

Im in a group on FB that is a POP group. They all say that coconut oil and cacao/cocoa fit into the POP. Ive been using cacao with no troubles , but Im still in week one. Im a little hesitant on the coconut oil. I would love to add C/O but just wanted your opinion. Do you consider these POP, and if not, do you think they are harmful to losses? Read more….

hCG Diet Forums: Food prep

Phase 3 is drawing near and I am getting nervous about leaving my safe phase 2! One thing I really like about phase 2 is having everything on hand…the meats are weighed so I can just grab a meat, cook up a veggie…everything is easily prepared. So, I was wondering what some of your staples are that are quick for phase 3. I don’t have a whole lot of time to cook breakfast with 3 kids to get ready so I need grab and go stuff or things to prepare ahead of time! Read more….

hCG Diet Forums: Replacing electrolytes on P2

Hey all! I have yet another question :) I started R2phase 2 this last weekend and then of course Monday i came down with the flu. I have been staying to protocol foods, just ate less some days because of lack of appetite. I know losing electrolytes is a serious concern with this and typically I would drink gatorade or pedialyte or make jello. However those are obviously not protocol so what can I do? I have been drinking Smart Water all week b/c it claims to have some electrolytes in it. Thanks! Read more….

hCG Diet Forums: Forum Downtime – April 16th

Hello everybody, as most of you reading this are probably aware the forum suffered a major outage yesterday (April 16th). This outage unfortunately was outside of my control and there was nothing I could do to fix it (believe me I was trying!). It looks like we are back up and running for right now though, but if you notice any issues plesae let me know. That said, we are going to be working on moving things over to a better hosting provider so that we no longer have issues such as yesterday. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. Read more….

HDI Health Member Blog Update: VLCD 16 195.4lbs

Down .2lbs today to 195.4. Not as much as I would have liked but I’m just thankful to see the scale moving! I’m down a total of 11.4 lbs in 15 days which is unreal! It hit me today looking at what VLCD I’m on that I am doing a really good job sticking to this plan this time! I was feeling a little tired of the food yesterday but I only have 1 more week until my planned interruption. I just hope that I will be resolved enough to get right back on the wagon after returning from Mexico! I have a lot of weight I still need to lose. I know it will be hard to go back to this style of eating but if I can make it as painless as possible with my rogue little eating ways than I feel like I can do it. Yesterday’s eats: Apple Beef Jerky 4 Aidell’s chicken meatballs Chipotle salad with double meat and pico de gallo and fajita veggies (I was feeling like “ugh” about food yesterday so I thought I’d give myself a treat) 3/4 square dark chocolate (full disclosure…I also had the last 1/8 of my son’s salted carmel mocha frapuccino) it was just a few sips Today, I know I have to get a little more on track with my eating. I feel like maybe I should do another steak/carmelized onion day but I don’t want to lean on that too much because I don’t want to get tired of the one meal that still tastes really good to me! Read more….

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