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hCG Diet News is the official news blog of hCGDietInfo.com. The content on both sites have been provided in an effort to help current and former hCG dieters reach their weight loss goals and enjoy a better, healthy lifestyle.

The main site, hCG Diet Info, includes information largely based on Dr. ATW Simeons original 500 calorie hCG diet. A copy of the manuscript is available on the site as well as recipes, diet tips and a growing hCG Provider Directory. Recognizing Kevin Trudeau’s recent contribution to the diet, we have now included sections based on the hCG weight loss protocol described in “The Weight Loss Cure.” A brief overview of KT’s protocol is provided as well as a supplement guide, list of hCG friendly beauty products, and hCG dieter resources.

hCG Diet News is our latest addition. A FREE subscription based information resource, hCG Diet News offers helpful articles, Q & A, product reviews and tips for healthy living. The content here is published by writers and health care professionals in an effort to keep hCG dieters informed and motivated.

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