hCG Diet Plan Guide

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  1. Hi VETS, I am STARVING but only after 9pm at night. All day I’m fine. I take the homeopathic drops, Grammie already checked and said they were legit. I take 10 drops 3 times a day. I tried yesterday to skip two doses, and I thoguht it made it better but then I was still hungry in middle of the night again so I ate more. Today, I took 8 drOPs per dose and then by nightTime i wasnt hungry at all so i only took 4 to see if that woud be better for me at night. well, but 1am, i had to eat again, the severe hunger was not healthy. i’m not exaggerating. i am in week two by the way of phase 2. week one went fine. so stumped!!! do i need more or less? Grammie is at a writing conference and she has answered me when she can but I would appreciate hearing from some VETS in the meantime. i dont have a doc i am doing this on my own.

  2. where can I down load the spreadsheet, thank you i start in a few weeks

    thank you!


  3. Great article

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