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Welcome toHCG Diet Info, The HCG Diet Plan Authority

Welcome to the official HCG Diet Info website: the first, largest, most trusted resource for the HCG medical therapy weight loss program. We offer step-by-step guides to get started, as well as coaching and support groups in our free coaching forums. Ready to learn more? Pull up a seat, a warm cup of tea, and choose a topic to get started….

What is the HCG Diet Plan?

The Hcg Diet Plan is a whole food cleanse, bad habit-basher, high protein, high vegetable, healthy carb, hydrating, mindset-shifting, game changer.

It is a hormone balancing medical weight loss protocol designed to reset your metabolism and give your body the opportunity to establish a lower set-point weight. So just how do you get started with the Hcg Diet Plan?  Hcg Diet Info has put together a number of guides designed to help you reach your weight loss goals. These include Hcg foods and menu plan guidelines, guides to legitimate sources where you can buy US made Hcg through fast and affordable sources, and so much more. Everything you need to know, is available on this website. Learn more from Dr. Oz:

How DoesThe HCG Diet Help You Lose Weight?

The Hcg Diet is far more than just rapid medical weight loss and hormone therapy; The Dr. Simeons Hcg Diet Protocol is a strategically designed approach to losing fat and maintaining muscle for long term weight loss. This is done along with the use of a natural hormone known as hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) that already exists in small amounts in both men and women.

Read How the Hcg Diet Works: The Science Behind It.

In addition to taking human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, a very specific foot list and eating guidelines are part of the protocol. This includes a very closely followed 500 calorie diet menu known as the “VLCD” (very low calorie diet.) Modern versions of the protocol increase the Phase 2 allowed foods, with a calorie allowance averaging 800 calories, and go as high as 1600 calories, taking into consideration there will be much slow loss rates than the original protocol which reports an average loss rate of .5 to 1 pounds per day.

The Hcg Diet Plan reports extremely low occurrences of side effects, particularly compared to the health risks of obesity and surgical weight loss such as lap band surgery or similar procedures.

How To Get Started With The HCG Diet Plan...

Read our guide to the HCG Diet Plan


Select an HCG FDA approved telemedicine company


Sign up on their website & schedule a 1-on-1 consult


Have the kit sent directly to you from the pharmacy

The best way to get started with the diet, is to first read our Guide to the Hcg Diet Plan and then select an Hcg FDA approved telemedicine company that offers the Hcg weight loss program you feel comfortable with. Once you have chosen the company you prefer, it’s simple to sign up on their website and a licensed medical doctor will schedule a 1-on-1 consult by phone or video (your preference) to go over your medical background and the protocol. The doctor can approve your prescription over the phone and have the kit sent directly to you from the pharmacy. From this point, you may choose to follow the original protocol, or one of the modern alternative protocols to reach your goals.

Once purchased, your Hcg kit with all supplies typically takes 2 to 10 days to arrive (depending on the company chosen and if you have chosen overnight shipping) which gives you just enough time to prepare.  This means getting familiar with the Hcg approved foods, determining what and who your support system will be (95% of dieters adhere to a weight loss program when they have a strong buddy support system in place.  Don’t have a buddy yet? Join the monthly and ongoing Hcg Diet coaching and support groups in the HCG Diet Info Forums.)

The preparation period is also an excellent time to go over the original Hcg Diet manuscript, Pounds and Inches (we also send this as a FREE PDF and MP3 audiobook when you sign up for our newsletter) and print out the Hcg diet tracker spreadsheet, the approved foods grocery list, and the 500 calorie menu that can be placed right on your fridge.  This is also a great time to start reading blogs and peruse the Hcg Diet Info forums to get familiar with the protocol and understand what to expect.  Once your Hcg Kit has arrived, it is also a great idea to select your loading days wisely and around any special events.

See Real Hcg Weight Loss ResultsSuccess Stories and Before and After Pics and Videos
Where to PurchasePrescription HCG Injections Online(Buy Rx Hcg Drops, Pellets/Tablets too.)

We offer a complete guide to buying complete Hcg kits online, including full comparison of Hcg weight loss programs.

In the last few years, the FDA-approved telemedicine industry has grown and allowed doctors to prescribe and care for individuals wanting to follow the protocol. You can now safely and legally purchase REAL Hcg hormone online, that come with a complete program overseen by a medical doctor, Hcg weight loss experts and nutritionists.

Tips for Buying HCG Kits and HCG weight loss programs:  

The first things to take into consideration, is which form of Hcg you feel comfortable with, how soon you would like to start your diet, and the level of support you will need.  The latter tends to be the biggest difference between various Hcg sources with some companies offering minimal support (better for veterans and pros that want to buy a bare bones Hcg kit to save money) and other companies offering extensive support, while yet another offers custom dosage and protocol support, and complete medical doctor hand-holding, along with a year of nutritionist services (even after the diet is completed.)  These may seem like small differences but they can add up to be an extreme value for your money, as well as offer peace of mind.

The sources recommended in our guide to buying Hcg injections online (how to order real prescription Hcg from US pharmacies,) or our guide on Hcg drops including the difference between Hcg diet drops with and without Hcg hormone and how to identify genuine diet drops. This resource covers each of the acceptable choices that can be used with the original Hcg weight loss protocol:  Hcg injections, Hcg Diet Drops (Prescription or Homeopathic), and Prescription Hcg Pellets. The Hcg Buy Guide also offers answers to dozens of frequently asked questions about buying Hcg and Hcg weight loss programs online. Please note: Over the counter hormone free diet drops do not contain Hcg hormone, and should not be used with the original protocol and can be dangerous if combined with the VLCD (very low calorie menu.) These over the counter drops have been addressed and dismissed largely by the FDA for good reason- they are NOT safe with the original protocol.

HCG Diet Food Lists, Recipes and Meal Plans
HCG Diet Food List
Fat burning spices to lose weight on hcg
HCG Diet Food Recipes

Hcg weight loss foods and recipes are the backbone of the Hcg weight loss program. Not only do the allowed foods help you to lose weight, but they also help get our body into a healthy state.

It is important to understand that while the Hcg hormone does NOT make you lose weight, it does change how your body loses weight, and creates a reaction in your body that allows for the rapid weight loss.  It is the carefully selected Hcg Diet food list that is responsible for your weight loss; the Hcg just allows your body to continue to burn fat when it would normally go into starvation mode under the calorie restricted diet.

This is good news! This means the Hcg weight loss plan can be surprisingly versatile with the right recipes, and can work with any number of menus, foods sensitivities. The allowed foods are clear of processed and prepared foods and carefully measured for portion control. Instead of processed foods, the food list focuses on clean eating, and consists mostly of vegetables and healthy portions of lean protein, along with some, but limited, carbohydrates. To be clear, this is NOT a ketosis diet when done correctly, and in fact the amount of vegetables and fruit permitted, do not allow the body to go into ketosis.  Compared to ketosis diets, this particular approach has been shown to average much higher weight loss rates that range from .5 to 1.5 pounds per day. 

In a nutshell: The Hcg Diet allowed foods and guidelines focus on portion control, increased vegetables and proteins, and a food list that is comprised of clean, unprocessed foods.

Hcg Diet Recipes

Learning to cook on the diet, can be a struggle for some patients, however, it is also an excellent opportunity to learn how to cook new foods that are clean, nutritious and healthy.  Since the protocol does not allow foods that are processed or prepared (bye bye alcohol, fast food and frozen dinners) this can be an excellent path to learning how to prepare meals that will nourish your body, and make long term weight maintenance easy. 

Take a look at our recipe section, and discover amazing Hcg Diet Recipes that include Southwestern chicken, strawberry cupcakes, garlic baked shrimp, mouth-watering grilled asparagus, and chai beverages.  While it may be intimidating to look at the allowed foods list and feel limited, it won’t take long before you realize just how versatile and delicious it can be. 

We have also included a list of our best recipe and cooking articles that cover everything from how to cook on the protocol, spices to use to increase your metabolism, tips for dining out and tips for eating during special occasions. 

Have Questions About the Diet?

We realize this diet can bring a lot of questions, so please feel free to visit our two pages that cover the most frequently asked questions about the diet in general, and the more specific protocol-based questions.  Questions and answers include topics on dosage amounts, weight loss averages, how to inject hCG, the differences between Hcg injections, drops and pellets, and so much more. After reading these pages, feel free to take your questions to the forums, where our expert moderators and coaches, as well as the countless veterans, will be more than happy to offer their support.

Hcg Diet Info Forums – FREE – personalized coaching, help and support.

Have questions about the plan and protocol? Need a little support, or just want to find a friendly face to share the experience? Join our HCG Diet Forums,the largest HCG community on the web with over 100 thousand inspired members and growing.  Join our monthly coaching and support groups, get answers to all your questions from expert coaches, or find a buddy to share your Hcg weight loss journey! The HDI forums are the best place to mingle with your fellow HCG Dieters and get answers in one place. There are also over 2 million pages of priceless information and resources in these forums, easily searchable and readily at your fingertips.

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The Original ManuscriptPounds and Inchesby Dr. Simeons

Dr. Simeons manuscript, “Pounds and Inches” is the original book that outlines every detail of the Hcg weight loss protocol.  Dr. Simeons has been very specific in his words, outlining all aspects of the diet.  This includes the original 500 calorie menu, the effects of hCG on the body, hCG dosage, how to inject hCG, how to handle stalls and plateaus, and a solid overview transitioning from phase 2 to phase 3, which many dieters can find challenging.

Regardless of which version of the protocol the patient is following, it can still be helpful to read the manuscript. Not only does this allow the Hcg dieter to understand the intention of the diet, but it can also help establish a solid foundation of preparation, and help avoid challenges by answering many of the most frequently asked questions.

Our editor has taken the time to separate the original manuscript by chapter, making it easy to navigate and locate individual topics. We also offer an MP3 audio version (audiobook) of the Pounds and Inches manuscript, as well as a PDF version. These will be automatically sent to those who sign up for our newsletter but they can also be found here.

HCG Diet InfoHCG Diet Plan AuthorityOfficial Site

Welcome to HCG Diet Info, the very first Hcg Diet Plan website, and the continuing authority on Hcg Diet weight loss.  With over 2 million pages, and over 100 million readers, HDI has grown into one of the largest and most read medial health and weight loss resources online.  

What do we do?  We provide HCG Diet Plan information and resources for those who want to lose weight using low-risk hormone therapy.  In a nutshell, our goal is to help you go from start to success, with as few challenges as possible.  

How do we do this?  We provide support and tools, such as the original Hcg Diet manuscript, Food Lists and Recipes, Guides on Buying Hcg Diet Drops, Injections and Pellets/Tablets. We also offer FREE coaching in our monthly and ongoing support groups in the Hcg Diet Info Forums.

Hcg Diet Info’s Story… How we grew to help millions of people lose weight and change their lives: 

Hcg Diet Info was founded by Jen Larson, who lost nearly 90 pounds on the Hcg Diet Plan in 2002, but was surprised there was not a single Hcg Diet website online yet.  After starting a simple site, she was soon joined by others who contributed the information they gathered from their doctors and collectively helped put together the first Hcg Diet resource since Dr. Simeons himself, back in the 1950’s.

A year later, word had spread and 10’s of thousands of Hcg Dieters and medical experts had joined up on the site to help support one another learn more about the protocol.  Hcg Diet Info was picked up on the news, in magazines (Sports Illustrated, Shape, and more) and on countless morning TV shows.  

In 2013, HDI crossed 100 million visits and is today, considered to be one of the largest and most read health sites on the web.


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