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We're here to offer you inspiration, motivation, & FREE coaching to help you meet your weight loss goals. Whether you need step-by-step guides to get started, or coaching and support groups in our FREE forums, we've got you covered. Ready to learn more? Pull up a seat, a warm cup of tea, and choose a topic to get started….

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How telemedicine weight loss programs work...

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Research & Choose

Choose the medical weight loss program and products that are right for you. Need some help? We've got plenty of options, including reviews to help you decide.

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Enroll Online

Enroll through the telemedicine company of your choice. Complete a simple medical form (same as the doctor's office) and schedule your remote 1-on-1 consult with their physician.

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Lose the weight

Your prescribed medications will be sent directly from the pharmacy and expert medical staff and licensed nutritionists will guide you through your journey.

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Dr. Oz Talks Benefits of The Hcg Diet for Weight Loss

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What is the HCG Diet Plan?
The Hcg Diet is a whole food cleanse, habit-basher, high protein, high vegetable, healthy carb, hydrating, mindset-shifting, game changer. It is a hormone balancing medical weight loss protocol designed to reset your metabolism and give your body the opportunity to establish a lower set-point weight.

The Hcg Diet Plan

More Medical Weight Loss Options
Choose from lipotropic fat burning injections, B12 energy boosting kits, and advanced weight loss medications- all available online!

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With over 100,000 members, you can join one of the largest weight loss communities in the world. Our FREE forum community offers expert coaching and Q&A, plus, Free Weight Loss Support Groups, including monthly groups that start at the beginning of every month. Of course, you are welcome to join at any time- always plenty of coaching, supportive tips and hugs!

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When it comes to  buying Hcg injections online, we can guide you through the purchasing experience.  We cover each of the acceptable choices that can be used with the original Hcg weight loss protocol as well as modern protocols: Hcg injections, or Hcg Diet drops (Prescription or Homeopathic.)

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We offer a number of resources including FREE copies of the original Hcg Diet manuscript, Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons, an Hcg Diet tracker spreadsheet, and tutorials.

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Medical weight loss protocols may be restrictive, but they also teach healthy eating and portion control. Learn as you eat delicious Hcg Diet Recipes recipes from the allowed foods list.

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