My 2nd HCG Diet Journey: Post-Baby 1

Hcg Diet 169

I've had a baby!  After 20+ years of being told I couldn't… surprise!  And of course he's the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me!  Now however, I'm carrying a significant amount of post-baby weight.  I was originally on the HCG Diet back in 2002 and lost well over 80 lbs.  I've had a few fluctuations over the years, but never came close to gaining that weight back.  So how did I gain the weight during my pregnancy?   Well, 6 months of morning sickness and the only thing that seemed to help was Cheerios.  That and cravings for orange juice (I drank a gallon a day,) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the occasional ice cream indulgence- that'll do it!  So now that I am just weaning my little one from breastfeeding (I'm a huge advocate of breastfeeding, being the health nut that I am) I have decided to go with what works and will be starting my HCG Diet plan once again.

Which HCG Diet protocol will I be following?  I will be sticking with the modernized version of the original Simeons diet.

  • Injections from New Edge Health (Ordered undercover to share my personal experience with them. Next round: Nu Image Medical.)
  • 500-800 calories daily, depending on what my body needs on a day to day basis.
  • 4 phases.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Nothing but water.
  • Supplements including DHA and Vitamin D.
  • Protein drinks when needed.
  • Vitamin B shots.
  • HCG Diet Foods that include Simeons food list, but with additional options and no oranges (too high sugar.)

Those who have come to know me over the years, know that I am an over-researcher.  I am also extremely cautious when it comes to putting something into my body and concerned for the safety of myself and others when it comes to medications.  For this reason, I advocate purchasing HCG in the U.S. where I know the FDA has strict regulations and standards for pharmacies.

Why 500-800 calories?  I did this before and I lost about 25 lbs my first round.  I really believe in listening to your body and giving it what it needs for best results- both on the diet and during maintenance.  Last time on the HCG Diet, I basically stuck by the Simeons food list for the most part but threw in some healthy, nourishing food options as well.  I used protein shakes and spinach salads with fat free turkey pepperoni, tomatoes, and occasionally added vegan pepperjack rick cheese.  I also used spices and seasonings liberally.  I never stalled, not even once.

I am also a big believer in eating organic when it comes to vegetables and fruits. I do go by the dirty dozen and the clean 13 too. I will stick with this on the diet to avoid pesticides and chemicals.  I'm also a fan of eating non-GMO whenever possible.  (I will never have a “franken-salmon” in my fridge!) Why? I believe these chemicals are harsh on your body and hinder your weight loss, as well as your body's ability to function optimally.

Exercise on the HCG Diet.  For many years, I didn't exercise much and while I still maintained my weight loss, it wasn't as easy as when I finally started moving every day.  Now, I can pretty much eat what I want and don't gain weight as long as I go for walks regularly, throw in some hot yoga classes now and then, or just keep relatively active.  After losing so much on the diet though, I really did come to love working out.  Before getting pregnant, I had taken up boxing, paddle boarding, jogging and I absolutely love yoga and swear by it for so many health benefits.  Weight maintenance is easy when you're moving regularly.  Weight maintenance and eating comfortably, is REALLY easy when you have a regular exercise routine.  That is why I am looking forward to working out consistently while on the hcg diet this time around.

My next post… my HCG buying experience with New Edge Health!


Hcg Diet 169

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