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  • 5 Reasons Not to Buy HCG Overseas

    Here are 5 strong reasons not to buy HCG overseas.  Based on the thousands of experiences from HCG Diet Info readers, here is the list of reasons to buy US Based HCG rather than from abroad.

    Reason #1:  Quality.  Many overseas pharmaceutical companies, do not operate under the same strict production guidelines as pharmacies in the US.  This can result in low quality or completely unusable HCG and supplies.

    Reason #2:  Viability.  Once mixed, HCG has a 3 to 4 week shelf life.  Between initial production and shipping, this shelf life can easily be passed, leaving the consumer with weak or completely unusable HCG that needs to be replaced with a fresh supply.

    Reason #3:  No guarantee your order will arrive.  It is all too common for imported HCG to be held up in customs for weeks, or confiscated completely.  While different companies have different rules, some may replace the HCG order free of charge, however this means the consumer is possibly waiting several more weeks or months for the next order to arrive.

    Reason #4:  Security.  While not as common as it once was, there are known websites claiming to sell HCG from overseas that turn out to not be legitimate companies at all.  Customers purchase HCG, then wait patiently for their order that never arrives.  If the customer has paid using Western Union or Wire Transfer, there is no way to have the money returned from the scam.

    There are a handful of legitimate, trustworthy US based HCG diet suppliers.  For more information read the HCG Buying Guide here.

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