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Updated for my latest DD experience: May 17th, 2018.

I'm exited to review Diet Doc and their prescription hcg weight loss kitsIf you are a regular reader here, you know that I am a stickler for quality and safety, and I ONLY advocate legitimate Hcg diet programs through FDA-approved companies. In fact, for over 10 years, I did not include a single affiliate link on this site, but still maintained a list of safe and legal sources for Hcg, along with the following tips on what to look for:

  1. A licensed medical doctor MUST prescribe the Hcg. If this is not required, chances are, the Hcg is not real, or is illegal and could be dangerous. 
  2. Choose a provider that offers doctor supervision and specializes in the protocol. This is hormone therapy for medical weight loss and should always be followed with access to a medical doctor. In addition, it is so much easier to stay on protocol with expert support and guidance. Make it easy on yourself.
  3. Make sure the Hcg is coming from a licensed U.S. pharmacy. This is the only way to be certain the Hcg was made under strict FDA regulations for your personal safety.
  4. Is your chosen provider a legitimate business that can be trusted with your personal information? Look for sites with the http(secure server) and seals on their site from TrustGuard or SiteLock to ensure your credit card and medical history is not at risk. 

I am happy to say that Diet Doc meets all of these standards and more.

DD is located in San Diego, California and works directly with a licensed pharmacy in Cali, USA. When I requested their pharmacy's 3rd party certificate of analysis, their potency most recent hCG batch was 109% (far above the FDA's required 92%.)  In addition, their entire protocol is under doctor and licensed nutritionist supervision, with ongoing support for up to 1 year.

Jen's Diet Doc Review and Ordering Experience

What else do I love about DD?

After only a few conversations (ok, interrogations) I knew this telemedicine company had a lot to offer, and genuinely understood the Hcg weight loss protocol.  Afterall, their program is based solidly on feedback from Hcg Dieters and tailored by expert medical weight loss doctors. They have also spent countless hours reading posts in the Hcg Diet forums to understand just how to serve Hcg Dieters on a personal level:

Diet Doc actually customizes each and every client's personal Hcg weight loss plan with a tailored dosage, food allowance, and year-long support from licensed nutritionists.

My latest ordering experience with Diet Doc (and what I learned)

Today, I ordered the last round I need to lose the baby weight, and I chose DD because of their custom approach and open-minded support options.  You see, I want to follow the original protocol but with a slightly increased calorie allowance.  I still want to stick to the original Hcg diet list of allowed foods, but I prefer to stay more active (walking, yoga, swimming and pilates) so I'd like to add more vegetables and a bit more protein than the 500 calorie menu's limit.  I know by experience that Diet Doc will support this, and with solid advice from a licensed nutritionist.

When I placed my order, it was a simple process online; I chose the 60 day supply (recommended for those who want to lose more than 15 pounds) intending to do a 30 day “long round” and took advantage of the current special offer for Free B12 and Lipotropics (Diet Doc coupon code HDIVIP: See how to use this promo code here.)  I added a few supplements that I have had a great experience with in the past (I love their fiber pills; they are Hcg Diet friendly and helped my weight loss during my last round where I lost 26 pounds in a short round.)  

Once completed, I received an order confirmation and had to wait about 20 minutes before the email came with the link to “My Diet Doc” patient portal.  Once I registered with the portal, where I was able to complete my medical background information and finalized my payment preference (this is where you can submit your health insurance information if appropriate.)  This was really simple;  it was 2 forms- one for medical background and one to agree to their terms of service.

I then had the option to schedule my consultations in the “My Diet Doc” dashboard, although I chose to call.  I was able to schedule my doctor consultation for 40 minutes after my call, and I scheduled my nutritionist consultation for the following Tuesday (3 business days; I wanted to make sure my hCG kit was here by the time we had our call.)

I was lucky enough to get Dr. Rao himself; the chief physician at DD.  He was great!  He reviewed my medical questionnaire and asked me a few more questions to be sure I was in good shape for the diet.  He asked multiple times if I had any questions, wanting to make sure I had all the answers I needed before prescribing my hCG.  This was a pleasant experience that left me with peace of mind and eager to start my weight loss.

It took 3 business days for my hCG kit to arrive (although they also offer overnight shipping- I didn't need that this time.) I'm eager to have my consultation with the nutritionist and go over my food requests.  I will update next week!  


Continued Review Based on my last DD Order:

The Ultimate Diet Doc Review Findings: What I loved

  • Diet Doc specializes in customizing the Hcg Diet Plan for each client.
  • Diet Doc uses REAL prescription hCG injections and tablets shipped from a USA licensed pharmacy directly to your door.
  • All-inclusive kits: All supplies for mixing and administration are included
  • Valid and legal doctor's prescription is included with each order; no co-pay, no additional fee.
  • They accept Health Savings Account health insurance payments and can even help you have your insurance reimburse you for your HCG and supplies. This is possible because Diet Doc operates as a virtual doctor's office- a feature no other Hcg source yet offers.
  • All prescription products are shipped from California, USA, directly from their FDA accredited pharmacy.
  • Custom dosage amounts for EVERY customer from the start (again, no other source does this.)
  • Access to a licensed HCG Diet expert Nutritionist for one year- included.
  • Options to purchase energizing B12 Shots and fat burning Lipo MIC Shots as well as Sermorelin (HGH Therapy) and other supplements.
  • SHIPPING: Fast shipping:  Choose 3-day FedEx or overnight mail available (no signature required.) 


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Your insurance can reimburse you for your Diet Doc HCG and supplies

Diet Doc is the first Hcg source to provide health savings and flex insurance reimbursement for HCG and supplies. I don't think I have been this excited since telemedicine was legalized in all states and became a “normal” practice for medicine!  They have made it a pretty simple process as well, where you can order your HCG, supplies and supplements, and then submit the paperwork to your insurance company for reimbursement with their proven insurance codes and paperwork.  I will also add that my friend (yo Kimmy!) ended up saving money for the month she was on the diet.  Her insurance company covered her HCG and supplies and her carefully selected grocery list came out far less than her regular grocery list and dining out.  Her total savings was over $300 for the month.

All Diet Doc HCG and supplies come from an USA FDA approved Pharmacy

Diet Doc offers USA made HCG that comes from an FDA approved pharmacy, located in San Diego, CA.  Over the years, I have seen too many cases of health safety issues and concerns from buying overseas HCG. I have also seen enough quality concerns (no fun having to replace low potency hCG or deal with hunger challenges due to weak or fake hCG) to say it's just not worth saving a few dollars when one considers the risks of buying from overseas pharmacies. That said, I am thrilled to find that Diet Doc is an HCG source that recognizes the importance of quality and American pharmacy standards.  In fact, their potency exceeds the FDA standard of 90% and maintains a level of 98% to 108%.

Diet Doc Offers Effortless HCG Ordering Process & Lightning Fast HCG Shipping.

This is a huge plus for me.  I am always looking for steps in the ordering process that may hinder or slow down the final goal here.  Diet Doc has a simple shopping cart set up, where you can add your HCG and supplies, complete a very brief medical profile and sets you up for same day consultation with a real live medical doctor.  Your prescription is included.  Shipping… this was another huge perk for me- I chose overnight shipping and it was there, the next day around noon.  2 of my friends opted for “normal” shipping and had it in exactly 3 days, via FedEx with no signature required.  This is by far the fastest shipping I have come across, from order time to delivery.

My Diet Doc Review Products:  Diet Doc HCG is sold as a Complete Kit with all Supplies

Diet Doc Review - My Hcg Injections Order

My HCG arrived with all of my supplies included; bacteriostatic water, mixing syringes, alcohol pads, injection syringes… so, absolutely everything was at my door at exactly the same time.  I do appreciate convenience!  Packaging was simple with everything packaged correctly.  One thing I also appreciated… all vials that are sensitive to light for longer-lasting potency, come in dark amber vials.  Well done Diet Doc!  I'm a stickler for potency, so this stood out to me immediately.  All vials came inside of actual prescription bottles and both had my name and all relevant prescription information on them.  All syringes, bacteriostatic water, supplements and even the alcohol pads, also had my name on them with a valid prescription label.

Diet Doc Provides Access to an HCG Diet Licensed Nutritionist

OMG I could kiss every person at Diet Doc responsible for this!  To actually have certified KNOWLEDGEABLE HCG Diet specialists at hand, and true nutritionists… amazing.  The few times I have called, I could tell immediately that I was talking to someone who truly knew the diet and was looking for make the protocol conform to my personal needs.  They were not merely reading off a standard Q&A sheet, nor was I just talking to a helpful nurse- these were genuine experts (and a pleasure to speak with, I will add 😉 )  Particularly for those who are new to the HCG Diet, this alone would be a reason I would recommend Diet Doc.  You WILL have questions and it is priceless help during your HCG round, to be able to pick up a phone, or even IM with someone who truly knows the diet in and out.

Options to purchase B12 Shots and/or Lipo MIC Shots as well as Sermorelin and supplements.

Diet Doc Review - Mic Lipo Injections

Personally, I am a huge fan of B12 and Lipo and I take them even when I am not on HCG.  My hubby is a former professional bodybuilder, and MMA athlete- I have learned a great deal about these supplements from him.  I also have a number of friends who are professional athletes and even fitness models- there is a reason these people look so fabulous and are in such amazing shape- so I have been paying attention… and I have learned a lot.  Namely… they take the right medications and supplements.  These almost always include a combination of HCG and Lipo injections.  The next most popular is Sermorelin which I have now added to my routine and I am extremely impressed and am looking forward to sharing my results.

Diet Doc Review Conclusion:

As you can tell by my Diet Doc review… Overall I am so thrilled with Diet Doc and excited that they are now opening their doors to a larger number of clientele after nearly 9 years in business.  I'm excited that they are so eager to customize their program for each of my readers, and offer a discount as well… not only a discount, but for most of you, there is the option to have your insurance pick up the tab to get you to a healthier new you.

Jen's Diet Doc Review - Signature

Questions about buying Hcg? Research how to buy hCG injection kits;  shots drops and pellets online


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Hcg Diet 169


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  2. I’m sorry you had a negative experience. I hope that you had some success in your round regardless. My experience with DietDoc was that they did everything possible to rectify any problem or issue I was having. Did you give them a chance to do that?

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