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  • Diet Doc Review – Diet Doc Premium HCG Reviewed by Jen

    I’m so excited to review Diet Doc as a newly recommended Hcg Supplier (and so much more!)  They have only recently opened their doors to a larger number of clientele, and I am thrilled to share them with you all.  What I love about them is how they have evolved based on what Hcg Dieters want and need. They have literally spent months perusing the HDI forums so they know, on a personal level, just how to serve their clients and our readers.  What does that mean exactly?  Well… let me share my experience, along with the experience of several others I had purchase their Hcg through Diet Doc anonymously.

    Myself and 3 friends purchased Hcg from Diet Doc and here were the top highlights of our experience:

    • Through Diet Doc, your insurance will reimburse you for your HCG and supplies! (Wow!)
    • Prescriptions from USA & FDA accredited pharmacy
    • Effortless ordering process that includes your prescription
    • Your HCG comes as a complete kit with your supplies
    • Customized dosage amounts for EVERY customer
    • Access to a certified in HCG Diet Nutritionist
    • Options to purchase B12 Shots and/or Lipo MIC Shots as well as Sermorelin and supplements.
    • SHIPPING: 3-day FedEx, no signature required. Overnight mail available.

    Pretty impressive list of perks, isn’t it?  Let’s take a good look at these…


    Your insurance can reimburse you for your Diet Doc HCG and supplies

    Diet Doc is the first Hcg Supplier that I have ever heard of that has figured out how to have your health insurance company cover your HCG and supplies. This alone, has me doing cartwheels and running to my laptop to share this information with my favorite readers.  They have made it a pretty simple process as well, where you can order your HCG, supplies and supplements, and then submit the paperwork to your insurance company for reimbursement with their proven insurance codes and information.  It was as simple as doing the same for my son’s out of network pediatrician and no issues whatsoever!  I will also add that my friend, we’ll call her “Mary,” ended up saving money for the month she was on the diet.  Her insurance company covered her HCG and supplies and her carefully selected grocery list came out far less than her regular habit of eating out, and just foods she would normally have bought for the house.  Her total cost, she factored, was over $300 less for the month than normal. Not bad at all!

    All Diet Doc HCG and supplies come from an USA FDA approved Pharmacy

    Diet Doc offers USA made HCG that comes from an FDA approved pharmacy.  Over the years, I have seen too many cases of health safety issues and concerns from buying overseas HCG. I have also seen enough quality concerns to say it’s just not worth saving a few dollars to buy overseas prescriptions, and not have a product that does what it is supposed to do.  That said, I am thrilled to find that Diet Doc is an HCG Supplier that recognizes the importance of quality and American pharmacy standards.

    Diet Doc Offers Effortless HCG Ordering Process & Lightning Fast HCG Shipping.

    This is a huge plus for me.  I am always looking for steps in the ordering process that may hinder or slow down the final goal here.  Diet Doc has a simple shopping cart set up, where you can add your HCG and supplies, complete a very brief medical profile and you are on your way.  Your prescription is included in the price of your HCG and is included in the ordering process itself.  Shipping… this was another huge perk for me- I chose overnight shipping and it was there, the next day around noon.  2 of my friends opted for “normal” shipping and had it in exactly 3 days, also delivered around noon.  This is by far the fastest shipping I have come across, from order time to delivery.

    Diet Doc HCG is sold as a Complete Kit with all Supplies

    My HCG arrived with all of my supplies included; bacteriostatic water, mixing syringes, alcohol pads, injection syringes… so, absolutely everything was at my door at exactly the same time.  I do appreciate convenience!  Packaging was simple with everything packaged correctly.  One thing I also appreciated… all vials that are sensitive to light for longer-lasting potency, come in dark amber vials.  Well done Diet Doc!  I’m a stickler for potency, so this stood out to me immediately.  All vials came inside of actual prescription bottles and both had my name and all relevant prescription information on them.  All syringes, bacteriostatic water, supplements and even the alcohol pads, also had my name on them with a valid prescription label.

    Access to an HCG Diet Certified Nutritionist

    OMG I could kiss every person at Diet Doc responsible for this!  To actually have certified KNOWLEDGEABLE HCG Diet specialists at hand, and true nutritionists… amazing.  The few times I have called, I could tell immediately that I was talking to someone who truly knew the diet and was looking for make the protocol conform to my personal needs.  They were not merely reading off a standard Q&A sheet, nor was I just talking to a helpful nurse- these were genuine experts (and a pleasure to speak with, I will add 😉 )  Particularly for those who are new to the HCG Diet, this alone would be a reason I would recommend Diet Doc.  You WILL have questions and it is priceless help during your HCG round, to be able to pick up a phone, or even IM with someone who truly knows the diet in and out.

    Options to purchase B12 Shots and/or Lipo MIC Shots as well as Sermorelin and supplements.

    Personally, I am a huge fan of B12 and Lipo and I take them even when I am not on HCG.  My hubby is a former professional bodybuilder, and MMA athlete.  I also have a number of friends who are professional athletes and even fitness models- there is a reason these people look so fabulous and are in such amazing shape- so I have been paying attention… and I have learned a lot.  Namely… they take the right medications and supplements.  These almost always include a combination of HCG and Lipo injections.  The next most popular is Sermorelin which I have now added to my routine and I am extremely impressed and am looking forward to sharing my results.

    Overall I am so thrilled with Diet Doc and excited that they are now opening their doors to a larger number of clientele after nearly 9 years in business.  I’m excited that they are so eager to customize their program for each of my readers, and offer a discount as well… not only a discount, but for most of you, there is the option to have your insurance pick up the tab to get you to a healthier new you.

    Jeni Founder of HCG Diet Info


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