My Diet Doc Hcg Review - Buying Hcg Diet

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  1. Jawaid Chaudhry says:

    I want to know how can I get the medicine/complete diet plan in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

    Please kindy reply.

  2. I had a very different experience with Diet Doc. Would never recommend.

    1. I’m sorry you had a negative experience. I hope that you had some success in your round regardless. My experience with DietDoc was that they did everything possible to rectify any problem or issue I was having. Did you give them a chance to do that?

  3. Jannike Combs says:

    Loving your blog! I did the hcg 500 cal diet 9 years ago after my daughter was born and lost all the weight! It was so strict where I could only use baby oil (only mineral based stuff), 2 meals a day, 500 caps etc. I had my second daughter 4 months ago and opted for Diet Doc and so far I’m super impressed with their Drs and Nutritionists. I’m only in Phase 2 day 2 and I’m nervous that my calories are in the seven hundreds, they allow more condiments, more options, say that topical lotions don’t matter etc. of course if this is true and it still works, them I’m not complaining!! Just don’t want to sabotage myself since it’s not as strict as the one I did 9 years ago (which I’m sure wasn’t totally potent). Any words of wisdom? Am I good still you think!? Thank you!!

    1. That’s so great to hear- all of it!
      I agree with Diet Doc on the increased calories, and lotions etc. I did great with the increased calories, light exercise, and all the makeup/lotions etc that I could want! 😛 I’m working to implement a more modern approach throughout the site, for those who find the 500 calories too restrictive. After doing so much research, I personally believe the calories can be increased- especially to allow [highly-beneficial] exercise during the protocol. Also, when we consider how much our food has changed since Dr. Simeons was alive; 500 calories is not the same as it was in the 50’s. Our meats are swimming in added ingredients so you aren’t getting 500 calories of “protein” exactly. That said, portions are tricky enough as it is, so if you haven’t bought a food scale yet, I highly recommend one- there are scales on the resources page but you can pick them up at Target, etc. This is honestly one piece of advice I cannot give enough- for some people, properly managing portions is life-changing. I hope you are planning to be in one of the support groups in the forums- I’d love to see your udpates!

      1. Jannike Combs says:

        Hey!! So I am just responding to my previous post. I LOVE Diet Doc! The Dr’s and Nutritionists are amazing and have adjusted both my HCG and diet to help me lose over 25 lbs so far! I still have about two weeks left of injections too so I am thrilled! I am slowing down my loss a bit (it’s been 37 days so I’m not sure if that is normal or not) but I was wondering about the HGH. I have taken it before as a previous fitness competitor but I’m wondering how it works while taking HCG!? I’d love to maximize my fat loss while on P2 and really build my muscles back on P3 and P4 and get tight again after having my baby in April. Your blog has saved me this round! Thank you for all your tips and the forum is amazing to utilize too!! 🙂

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