All about HCG Diet Plans and their Protocols All about HCG Diet Plans and their Protocols

Comparing Hcg Diet Plans and Protocols: Which is right for you?

The HCG Diet Plan has evolved to include dozens of popular and highly effective protocols.  While the original Hcg Diet Protocol continues to be recognized as the most successful and most popular, it is also known to be the most rigid.  This can make some of the more relaxed versions look incredibly appealing…. even if it means slower loss rates.

  • The Original Hcg Diet Protocol
  • Hcg Diet Drops Protocol
  • Hcg Diet 2.0 Protocol

You may find yourself asking, “Which one is the right one?”  It would be easier to say, “None are necessarily wrong.”  The truth is, Doctors and HCG Diet experts have helped millions of people to lose weight with a large variety of HCG diet protocols.  This is good news because this means you have the freedom to choose the right plan for your particular needs and goals.

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Overall, it is best to keep an open mind to your own needs and really listening to your body, before, during and after the HCG Diet.  Select a plan that is customizable to what you want so you meet your weight loss goals with as few challenges as possible.

For a quick overview of all HCG forms to choose from, read: Which HCG Diet Plan is Best for Me?

The most common forms of HCG used for the HCG Diet:

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The Most Popular HCG Diet Plans and Their Protocols:

My, oh my, so many HCG Diet choices…

A quick overview of the different forms of HCG:

There are a number of options in addition to Injections and Drops, however these two have proven to be the most effective and the most efficient.  While there are additional forms of HCG available (HCG diet pellets and HCG diet patches for example,) it has been hCG Diet Info’s experience that they are much less effective than Injections and Drops.  We have seen 10’s of millions of individuals successfully lose weight with these approaches, safely.

HCG Diet Injections/Shots:  A small dose of HCG is either self administered or given by medical professional with a very small, sterile needle. Dosage varies according to your medical professional and your medical needs.  Important factors are taken into consideration such as your current weight and medical history to determine an amount that will be most effective for you.  (For this reason, we do not recommend a DIY HCG diet plan.  In fact, it costs the same whether or not you have access to a doctor and medical coaches, so why not take advantage of the extra support?  See our recommended places to buy Hcg injections drops and tablets here.

HCG Diet Drops:  We have seen millions of dieters lose weight with HCG Diet Drops and have fantastic experiences and results on the Hcg Diet Plan.

Homeopathic HCG (hhcg): Homeopathic HCG does work, even though it contains only minute traces of the actual HCG hormone. Real homeopathic HCG will always have HCG listed as the first ingredient followed by the dilution strengths (something like “Hcg 6X 12X 30X 60X or some variation”). You can see an example of this label on the TRIUMPH hhcg drops bottle.  If your bottle of hhcg drops does not have this in the ingredient list, you are using fake drops and you can harm your metabolism further by proceeding with the low calorie diet.

Hormone Free HCG drops: A word on hormone free hcg: For those considering these “diet drops,” it is important to know that these will absolutely not have the same effects as real HCG. Does this mean you will not lose weight? Not necessarily. You might lose just as quickly as those who use the real thing. But you will probably have hunger issues, and the weight you do lose will not be the kind of weight you want to lose. You will lose muscle mass along with some fat and you will likely regain everything back despite following the maintenance plan. Hormone-free drops are just some nice aminos, but they don’t contain any HCG at all (as HCG is a hormone!) You can’t expect the same results as from real HCG or hhcg. Don’t be fooled by companies that use HCG in their labeling but don’t include it in the product ingredients.

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