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    In 2002, I lost nearly 90 lbs with the Hcg Diet Plan, and another 45 lbs after having a baby in 2017 with Nu Image and Diet Doc. I kept the weight off, and transformed my life to the point that I actually love kale. I also love helping people, which is why I started the first Hcg Diet site: Hcgdietinfo.com. Over 10 years later, 100 million readers, and 2 million pages, HDI has helped millions of people lose the weight for good, and it has become the highlight of my Hcg Diet Journey.

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    The Hcg Diet can come with a number of challenges. It is common for both new and experienced dieters to need a little Hcg Diet support. The truth is, for some people, the diet can be pretty simple.  While for others, it can seem like there is a challenge around every corner.  With that in mind, we’ve put together a series of articles to address as many of the questions and concerns as possible.

    Hcg Diet Support and Resources:

    1. Hcg Dieter Resources
    2. Original Hcg Diet Manuscript: Pounds and Inches
    3. Hcg Diet Starter List
    4. Hunger on the Hcg Diet
    5. How to fix a Cheat on the  Hcg Diet
    6. How to Eat out on the Hcg Diet Plan
    7. How to correct weight loss stalls and plateaus
    8. HCG Diet Dictionary/Abbreviations (You will need this 😉



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    1. I’m just trying to let someone on your end know that something that is being advertised/demonstrated on your own site is incorrect.
      “COUPON CODE: HDIVIP Nu Image Medical:”

      When you put that discount code showing for NuImage into their purchase/shopping cart, it does not come up the same way you guys are listing it. Only at 39.70, not the 50$
      see ya-

    2. You are so sweet Robert! Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I have contacted Nu Image to have this corrected immediately and they are on it 🙂

    3. Robert, I just heard back from the head of Nu Image (at 1 am haha!) He had IT check this immediately and this was what he said…

      “I just had IT check the back end of your coupon code and it is set for $50 off but if you look at his numbers those are exactly 10% off the 46 day program which means maybe he’s using a 10% off coupon from the Nu Image website (?) and not using the HDIVIP code? other than that it’s physically impossible to get 10% off when using the HDIVIP coupon code.

      If you can get him to send a screenshot with the exact coupon code then we could look into this more or just have a go ahead and place the order and we will make sure he gets the proper amount off. Then I’ll see if potentially there is a bug on our part but other people are using your code and getting the $50 off just fine. We will get to the bottom of this for him. :)”

      I love Nu Image 🙂

      Let me know if you have any further issues Robert. ~Jen

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