Diet Doc Hcg Coupon Code: HDIHCG $238 Savings +Free B12 and Lipo

Hcg Diet 169

Diet Doc Hcg Coupon Code

Exclusive Diet Doc Hcg Special offer! Use Diet Doc coupon code: HDIHCG for an amazing $238 in total savings:

Current Diet Doc Offer for HDI Readers:  Buy 2 Months, Get Free B12 or Lipo (up to $159 value.) Diet Doc coupon code: HDIHCG. Excellent value: Savings for buying 2 months instead of 1 with HDI pricing, is $70, plus $159 worth of free Lipo injections. Total savings: $229.

What you get with this Diet Doc Hcg Coupon Code:

  • 2 Month supply of Hcg at HDI's discount price of $169 per round/month (Your choice of injections or tablets)
  • A FREE Add-on: Choose B12 or Fat burning MIC/Lipo (Injections or tablets)

As you know, I'm a huge fan of both B12 and Lipo and have used both for years to maintain my own hCG weight loss.  This is a great deal, considering their pricing is already so low (I have paid as much as $300 for MIC/Lipo per month locally, and well over $100 for B12)

Remember, all hCG sources recommended on Hcg Diet Info, including Diet Doc, offer REAL prescription, hCG.  Diet Doc offers hCG in both injection form and tablets for those who are not too keen on needles.  They also operate as a legitimate virtual doctor's office (located in San Diego, CA) and include the prescription with your Hcg Diet Info discount purchase.  You do NOT need a prescription prior to placing your order. They will also accept flex health insurance and offer the information for health insurance reimbursement for most companies.

How to take advantage of the October Diet Doc Hcg Sale:

Step1: Visit Hcg Diet Info's hCG Buy Page for the Diet Doc Hcg Sale

  • Step 2:  Select the pre-discounted 60-day supply of hCG (your choice of injections OR tablets)

Step2: Buy hCG 60 Day Supply- Injections or Tablets - Diet Doc Hcg Sale

  • Step 3:  Select your FREE add-on:  B12 or MIC/Lipo injections or tablets

Step3: Select a Diet Doc Hcg Sale "Add-on" for Free

  • Step 4: Select “Confirm Services” at the bottom of the page

Step4: Select "Confirm Services" at the bottom of the Diet Doc hcg sales page

  • Step 5:  Enter Diet Doc coupon code:  “HDIHCG.”   You will see an additional $99 discount on top of your pre-discounted 60 month purchase of Hcg.  

Enter Diet Doc Coupon Code here - "HDIHCG" - Diet Doc Hcg Sale


That's it!  You're all set and ready to go!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Diet Doc chat box at the lower right of this site, or email me directly –  hdihealth *@*  If you have questions about where to buy hCG online, feel free to stop by my Hcg Buy-Guide!

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Hcg Diet 169

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