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  • My Nu Image Hcg Buying Review

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    Today I share my Nu Image review. I chose to buy my Hcg and supplies from Nu Image this time, and thought I would share my full experience and review. Well, Nu Image is now my FAVORITE source for REAL prescription Hcg Injections, Drops and Tablets- with good reason.  It has been quite some time since I last ordered from Nu Image, and I must say, that over time, they have only improved on their speed and service, while still offering the best quality product available on the market today.

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    Nu Image is a pharmacy based in Florida, that makes their own Hcg right here in the USA.  They are renowned for their extremely high standards, which exceed those required by the FDA, and are the only Hcg supplier that actually works with the FDA to ensure this.  As someone who greatly values safety and who has seen far too many cases of illness and bad reaction to cheap overseas Hcg, I salute Nu Image for their devotion and caring when it comes to their clients.

    My Nu Image Review: My Medical Prescription Hcg Order Process

    Nu Image has by far, become the most efficient source when it comes to ordering Hcg.  I clicked on the link in my own Buy Hcg page so that I would have the exact same experience as my readers.  I opted for a 2 month supply (the price was a bargain) and selected several add-ons, including the Lipo and Vitamin B mixing solution.  You don’t have to order these, but personally, I love them and use them even when I am not on the diet.  They offer great energy and I have far better results on the Hcg Diet when I include these.  They offer injections, drops and pellets.  I prefer injections myself so that is what I ordered for this round.

    It took me about 10 minutes to fill out the online health form after selecting my products.  The form included your basic health inquiries; overall current health, current medications, past health history, etc.  When I was finished filling out the form, I was presented with an option to “Enter the Nu Image waiting room” for an immediate video consult with the doctor.  I opted for the second choice, which was to have the doctor call me.  In about an hour, the doctor called.  I was pleased this was a doctor and not a medical assistant.  He introduced himself as the Nu Image Medical Doctor, and explained how the process went.  He confirmed the same questions I had been asked on the online form, double-checking that I had no medication allergies, etc.  After everything was complete, he said he would be approving my prescription for Hcg and that it would be shipped out the next day.  The doctor also directed me to the online client support that had all the information about how to do the Hcg Diet before confirming everything that I wished to add to my order.  He asked me if I had any further questions and wished me luck!  Voila- such an easy process, yet I was very happy that I was actually being guided through the Hcg Diet under a real doctor’s care.  Even as an experienced Hcg Dieter, this still brought me comfort.  Yet, I didn’t have to wait for an appointment, make an office visit, go through my insurance, pay a copay, etc- it was all handled in less than a day, and for a smaller amount than my usual grocery bill for the month- I’ll probably save money this month, in light of that!

    Nu Image Medical Processing & Shipping Time

    While Nu Image has always been known for their efficient processing and shipping time (mine was delivered in 5 business days,) they are certainly one of the fastest Hcg sources I have come across.  Near-instant processing and approval, they have introduced a system that allows the doctor to immediately (or in some cases, shortly after) speak with the patient for approval.  When I placed my order, there was an option to “enter the doctor’s office” which was an instant video conference with the doctor for immediate approval.  I also had the option to receive a phone call instead.  Since my toddler had just woke, I needed a few minutes before I could speak with the doctor, and opted for the call.  Sure enough, about an hour later, I received a call from the doctor himself, kindly explaining that he was the official Nu Image doctor, who would be handling my application process and prescribing the Hcg if suitable for my situation.  He explained how the process worked; how he would be asking me a few basic questions about my health, including any past health concerns, and allergies or even genetic risks. While basic, it was still thorough enough to make me feel I was in good hands and under the care of a real doctor.  At the end of the call, the doctor reviewed my order:  2 months of Hcg, and all the supplements I ordered.  He explained in detail, that my order would include all necessary supplies and that my request for the Vitamin B and Bacteriostatic water to be pre-mixed was fine.  (You can also request these to be separate but I think this way is simpler and I have great results with Vitamin B added.)

    As for Nu Image shipping time – I had my Hcg and all my necessary supplies in 5 days.  Delivered to me, with a “signature required” hand-to-hand delivery.  It was also delivered in a very nice, reusable, insulated box with a zipper and inserts for the vials.  I have included a photo below. All in all, I was extremely impressed with the process and the way the doctor handled my case and explained everything.  Much  appreciated!

    Nu Image Review Medical Insulated Packaging

    Nu Image Review: What I received with my order from Nu Image

    I received individual vials of Hcg, unmixed.  I received a liquid vial of my bacteriostatic water mixed with my Vitamin B, and all the correct syringes I would need.  All vials had a valid prescription on the containers, with my name on them.  I received the additional 6 Nu Image supplements I ordered, including Calcium Pyruvate, VitaBoost, StressStop, Digest-Cleanse, and JetFuel.  I will wait to test these out after my first week on the diet.  It was nice not to have to order anything separate from another source and for those new to the diet, I highly recommend getting your Hcg as a kit like this, so you can be certain you have everything you need, and the correct syringes, quality Hcg, etc.

    My Nu Image Review : My prescription Hcg order from Nu Image Medical

    Nu Image Client Support

    I couldn’t very well offer a thorough review of Nu Image Medical, without trying their client support after ordering.  On different occasions, I called to request direction and advice and both times, I was met with friendly and professional representatives.  They keep a full business day’s hours, Monday through Friday, and I was asked if I needed to speak with my doctor or if they could help me with something.  I loved that I had access to the doctor if I needed him!  Each time I called, their staff were extremely knowledgeable and more than capable of answering my questions,  providing the resources and direction I needed.  I was very happy with their customer service all the way around.

    My Nu Image Review Conclusion

    Nu Image Medical has surpassed all my review standards, and has once again become my 1st choice as an Hcg supplier.  The quality of their Hcg continues to surpass even the standards set by the FDA.  They understand that their clients want their orders processed fast, and shipped even quicker.  As I said, my request was processed in the same day, and my interview with the doctor was shortly after I placed my order.  I had my Hcg and all of my supplies delivered to my front door, in 5 days. That is by far, the fastest in the industry.  I also greatly appreciated having the access to a medical doctor as well as staff that was familiar with the Hcg Diet and happy to answer all my questions.  Overall, this has been a pleasant experience and I look forward to ordering from them again.

    Nu Image Review Update:  I have lost 12 pounds in the first week using Nu Image Hcg and Lipo/B12!  In two weeks, I have lost 18 pounds!

    Nu Image Reviews and Testimonials from HDI readers…

    I asked to share the testimonials and “love letters” from HDI readers that have ordered from them, so I could share them in my Nu Image review. Some of these testimonials are also just from friendly emails I received, raving about Nu Image Hcg, supplements and service.

    “I just wanted to say that I’m so happy with your shots and your medical staff. I started (load days not included) on Monday, March 31st and it hasn’t even been a week and I am down 17 lbs. I can’t thank all of you enough for giving us the opportunity to buy such an awesome grade of HCG, this stuff is no joke!!! I’m looking forward to buying the maintenance shots to keep going. Thank you again for being such a wonderful clinic to us on the west coast!!! You guys rock!!!” ~ LuAnne F.

    Thank you. I’m having excellent results using your product and I’d like to go ahead and pre-order some supplies for another round” -Jeff

    “I am so very impressed with the delivery of the products and quick customer service ! From Canada I ordered on April 10 and now I just received from Fed Ex my parcel ….. on April 17. WOW WOW …that is amazing !!!! Everything came neatly packaged and in perfect shape ….. So excited to start my journey ! Thank You Nu image for making this happen for us in the far North …lol” – Anonymous

    “Best customer service I ever have experienced. Very quick and professional. Special thank you to Paola who always emailed me back and answered all my questions very quickly. Highly recommend the HCG diet program to anyone who looking to loose weight. I ordered the first HCG diet injections last year. I loved it.. Helped me to loose weight and I felt energized. But because I ordered only the 26 day program I ordered now the second round as I have an other 5lb. to loose till I reach my goal. Thank you Nu Image medical you guys are amazing!” ~Zita

    “I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service, I personally like the way you provide these services at very affordable rates. I will definitely recommend this website to all my family and friends. Thanks again” – Salman

    “Great video! So happy I follow you and all your videos….so happy I bought from Nu Image Medical….on my first Round VLCD day 25 lost -26lbs as of this morning!!! Keep up the great work. XO” ~Terry L.

    “I am not new to the hcg program and have had success in the past with a different provider. What sets Nu Image apart is that not only did I lose 20 lbs. in less than a month with your support, I am maintaining beautifully and even continuing to safely lose 2 weeks into phase 3. I truly appreciated your prompt response to all of my questions, and the recipe guide was a huge asset in getting me through this time around. I felt that Nu Image gave me not only the tools to lose initially, but the education required to continue this journey for years to come and keep it off.Thank you so much,” ~ Stephanie S.

    “I have to write you an additional email. I am not easily impressed. I know that I wrote you last evening to tell you that your staff was great! I feel compelled to let you know they as well as yourself have seriously hit the ball out of the park. From A to Z. How refreshing to deal with such outstanding customer service in today’s world. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and the special pricing given this once for the additional Hcg…” ~Carolyn

    Not only are the pellets GREAT, but the way they call you!!! I had a question yesterday and got right to the nurse!!!!! Wonderful!!!!! I am on the third day of hcg pellets from nuimage and I am LOVING them. I can say i haven’t been hungry only eating 500 calories for 3 days!!! GREAT QUALITY! This is my third round. 2nd was from escrow drops and I was hungry ALOT!!! Thank you thank you thank you for all your info!! You are VERY helpful!!! ~Cyndy D.

    “I just wanted to thank you for your help and support during my first round. Even with traveling a lot, a hectic schedule and battling hypothyroidism, I lost 42.5 lbs!! It may not seem like much compared to others, but for me it brings me one step closer to victory. I have a few more rounds to go and think that I will choose a shorter round next time around as my weight loss starting to slow down toward the end of this round. In any event, this has been the easiest and best experience that I have had with losing weight!! I will highly recommend your company and cannot thank you enough for your providing such a great product and offering such sound support. You are simply the best and I am eternally grateful:)” I. Johnson

    You know you

    About Author

    In 2002, a friend introduced me to the Hcg Diet because it worked for her. Little did I know, that would change my life forever: Months later, I was nearly 90 lbs lighter and I have kept the weight off. My HCG Diet journey led me to start the first HCG Diet site on the web... that has now had over 100 million readers and has helped countless people to lose the weight for good. It is 2016 now. I have had a baby, and I am ready to lose the post-pregnancy weight using the HCG Diet once again. It's what I know works.


    1. Hi…I did the Hcg diet 5 yrs ago! Over the last year 1/2 the FDA has made it almost impossible to get the drops! I used to get my drops thru chiropractors, they were unable to get them anymore… how do I know for sure these drops are going to be legitimate?

    2. Hello Pattie, on my Buy Hcg page, I only list legitimate Hcg Drops. You can choose from the Rx Drops or Homeopathic Hcg Drops. I check regularly to make sure they are still in the same formula, so you can always be sure you are getting REAL Hcg drops there. 🙂

    3. Hi Jen: I’ve done HCG as drops but am interested in doing an injection program. I”m confused about the site’s pages on injections, one of which seemed to indicate that the shots should be IM and the other of which was specifically directed to sub-cutaneous. Since there’s no one here who could give me a daily shot, and I suspect trying to do my own upper-buttock IM shot would be difficult to pull off, I need to know if sub-cu does in fact work. Also, it would be helpful to know which you use, and if IM, how?

    4. Your affiliate link is bringing up a 404 error on their site, so it looks like your affiliate link is broken.

    5. Trish ThompsonWestover on

      I have been trying to find the amt of hgc for daily injections. My last round was through a clinic so that information is probably out of date too
      Sorry but your website is extremely hard to navigate, why have all these links that go back to your original link
      I have about 30 pounds to lose after keeping it off for two years very disappointed in myself but know this will work
      Thanks for directing to the correct sites

    6. Hello Shelley,
      Some authors here have been advocates of intramuscular. Personally, I prefer subcutaneous and as I just wrote to Nancy, I am very comfortable with this approach for many reasons. First of all, the needle for subcutaneous is a tiny insulin needle and I rarely feel anything more than the pressure of a finger poke. I can also do this myself without issue and it takes 2 seconds. As I said to Nancy above, I know the Hcg is in my system with this approach because I can take a pregnancy test and it will come up positive. That in mind, I don’t see a need to go with intramuscular injections for Hcg, personally.

    7. Hello Trish,

      Most people are started at 125 for their injections but always always always check with your doctor/nurse practitioner from the supplier you have gone with. Some will have you start significantly higher and adjust down if you need it. Personally, I am not sensitive to dosage and do just fine at any number, from 125 to 200+.

    8. Louise: “Your affiliate link is bringing up a 404 error on their site, so it looks like your affiliate link is broken.”

      Thank you so much for the heads up Louise. Nu Image just did a relaunch with an all new site to make buying hcg easier and to offer more customer support. The new site looks great… they just forgot to update my link! I’m glad you let me know so quickly; they had the correction made within the hour. 🙂

    9. When ordering through Nu Image through the forum how do you get the discount. I am seeing a price of$397.00 for 46 days is that correct.

    10. Hello Tammy, I know there were some issues with the discount for my readers. They just updated the coupon code so you can use this: Nu Image Coupon Code HDIVIP. That will bring the price down. 🙂

    11. Ranell Cochran on

      HI Jen. ‘m trying to order the 46 day supply of injections. They have all these different options of things to add to cart. What all exactly do I need to buy? This will be my very first time trying this diet.

    12. Hi Ranell! Yay! Your first time! I’m so excited for you! Omg, my first round was absolutely life-changing and every time I hear about someone else’s first time experiences, it still brings me back. I love it 🙂
      As for ordering- everyone is different, so it’s hard for me to say exactly. They will send you the B12 for free. I loooove Lipo injections myself and use them consistently even years after my diet has been over. They are not necessary though. I just love the extra metabolism boost and the health benefits that come along with all the extra vitamins. Their appetite suppressants are good- if you are getting over some comfort food cravings and trying to break some habits, those can really be useful. I don’t recommend taking them throughout your entire diet though. Just as needed until those habits are long gone. Is there anything you are specifically curious about?

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