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  1. Hi…I did the Hcg diet 5 yrs ago! Over the last year 1/2 the FDA has made it almost impossible to get the drops! I used to get my drops thru chiropractors, they were unable to get them anymore… how do I know for sure these drops are going to be legitimate?

    1. Hello Pattie, on my Buy Hcg page, I only list legitimate Hcg Drops. You can choose from the Rx Drops or Homeopathic Hcg Drops. I check regularly to make sure they are still in the same formula, so you can always be sure you are getting REAL Hcg drops there. 🙂

  2. Hi Jen: I’ve done HCG as drops but am interested in doing an injection program. I”m confused about the site’s pages on injections, one of which seemed to indicate that the shots should be IM and the other of which was specifically directed to sub-cutaneous. Since there’s no one here who could give me a daily shot, and I suspect trying to do my own upper-buttock IM shot would be difficult to pull off, I need to know if sub-cu does in fact work. Also, it would be helpful to know which you use, and if IM, how?

    1. Hello Shelley,
      Some authors here have been advocates of intramuscular. Personally, I prefer subcutaneous and as I just wrote to Nancy, I am very comfortable with this approach for many reasons. First of all, the needle for subcutaneous is a tiny insulin needle and I rarely feel anything more than the pressure of a finger poke. I can also do this myself without issue and it takes 2 seconds. As I said to Nancy above, I know the Hcg is in my system with this approach because I can take a pregnancy test and it will come up positive. That in mind, I don’t see a need to go with intramuscular injections for Hcg, personally.

  3. Your affiliate link is bringing up a 404 error on their site, so it looks like your affiliate link is broken.

    1. Louise: “Your affiliate link is bringing up a 404 error on their site, so it looks like your affiliate link is broken.”

      Thank you so much for the heads up Louise. Nu Image just did a relaunch with an all new site to make buying hcg easier and to offer more customer support. The new site looks great… they just forgot to update my link! I’m glad you let me know so quickly; they had the correction made within the hour. 🙂

  4. Trish ThompsonWestover says:

    I have been trying to find the amt of hgc for daily injections. My last round was through a clinic so that information is probably out of date too
    Sorry but your website is extremely hard to navigate, why have all these links that go back to your original link
    I have about 30 pounds to lose after keeping it off for two years very disappointed in myself but know this will work
    Thanks for directing to the correct sites

    1. Hello Trish,

      Most people are started at 125 for their injections but always always always check with your doctor/nurse practitioner from the supplier you have gone with. Some will have you start significantly higher and adjust down if you need it. Personally, I am not sensitive to dosage and do just fine at any number, from 125 to 200+.

  5. When ordering through Nu Image through the forum how do you get the discount. I am seeing a price of$397.00 for 46 days is that correct.

    1. Hello Tammy, I know there were some issues with the discount for my readers. They just updated the coupon code so you can use this: Nu Image Coupon Code HDIVIP. That will bring the price down. 🙂

  6. Ranell Cochran says:

    HI Jen. ‘m trying to order the 46 day supply of injections. They have all these different options of things to add to cart. What all exactly do I need to buy? This will be my very first time trying this diet.

    1. Hi Ranell! Yay! Your first time! I’m so excited for you! Omg, my first round was absolutely life-changing and every time I hear about someone else’s first time experiences, it still brings me back. I love it 🙂
      As for ordering- everyone is different, so it’s hard for me to say exactly. They will send you the B12 for free. I loooove Lipo injections myself and use them consistently even years after my diet has been over. They are not necessary though. I just love the extra metabolism boost and the health benefits that come along with all the extra vitamins. Their appetite suppressants are good- if you are getting over some comfort food cravings and trying to break some habits, those can really be useful. I don’t recommend taking them throughout your entire diet though. Just as needed until those habits are long gone. Is there anything you are specifically curious about?

  7. Jessi Speight says:

    Hey any advice on getting your coupon code to apply?

    1. I just put in a new test order and used my own nu image coupon code without an issue but let me try it again. Maybe there is a glitch. You can also use WELCOMETONU

      I’ll report back shortly 🙂

    2. Hmm… I can’t seem to find an issue so I called Nu Image. They are looking at it too. One thing I noticed, was that it’s easy to miss that you can enter the coupon code on the initial order page, in addition to the final page where you choose shipping. You can see that here:

      I also confirmed that both codes haven’t expired and are still working. HDIVIP and WELCOMETONU should be good through 2020. Hopefully they will do a reset or whatever is needed to allow you to order, or you can call them and tell them the code for the discount too.

  8. Lena polchinski says:

    Hi Jen,
    I’m brand new and excited about real hcg! I see a discount on top of the page for “hdi ” $150-238 special offer. Is this for the real hcg product? I want to start
    No Med problems as per Pcp. I need to lose 40 lbs. from 180 now! Menapause and retirement . I don’t overeat so it must be metabolism. Please advise thanks

    1. Jen, HCG Diet Info Founder says:

      Hi Lena! I’m so sorry for taking a few days to get back to you- usually I can answer within a few hours but I’ve been moving and only got internet an hour ago!

      Yes, those are discounts for the real stuff. I ONLY recommend sources that sell authentic Hcg. I will NEVER recommend sources that sell counterfeit, low quality/potency or expired hcg (which includes the overseas companies.) I am EXTREMELY particular with anyone I recommend, and I make them send me the same 3rd party analysis certificates that the FDA requires from them. Everything is made in licensed USA pharmacies and is the highest quality possible (over 100% potency.) You can see the certificates on my “buy hcg” page.

      I’m so excited for you! Will I be seeing you in the Hcg Diet Info forums? I would love to see updates on you journey. 🙂

  9. Cherri Call says:

    I am not having as good as a response time from NuImage as you did. I ordered mine a week ago, and I have yet to receive a shipping confirmation. I did pay the extra $20 for two day shipping, and I do realize it was a holiday weekend with a special running, but this seems like a long time to wait just for shipping, let a lone the two days to ship. I am very disappointed since I read on their site they ship really fast. That is not my experience thus far. I don’t know what to think. It would be nice if they sent you some sort of confirmation with an expected mailing date, but nothing. I did finally reach out to them and they said there is a delay because of the holiday special. Can you tell I am having a pitty party over here. I really wanted to get started this week, because I am now in danger of running into an event the third week of October. I guess I should have planned better, but this is my first time and the promised fast shipping is what sold me. Wish me luck, my youngest daughter is giving me a really hard time about HCG. There is so much negative information on the web, most of it really old, but enough to make her it is going to negatively affect me. I am really struggling with my weight due to menopause and I am hoping this helps. I’ll be getting married in a few months and I really want to look my best. I need to lose about 40 lbs.

    1. Cheri, I’m sorry you had a delay on your order, I know how frustrating that can be when you finally decide to go ahead with something important and circumstances force you to change your plans. I hope things are going well for you now. The good news is that HCG works really well for that menopause weight when everything else is a major struggle or fails completely. Your daughter may come around when she sees how comfortable and healthy you look and feel during the weight loss portion of the protocol. It still amazes me that you can lose weight and feel good during the process. That was never true for me on any other plan.

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