Releana HCG Diet Plan for Weight Loss Reviewed

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Releana Hcg Diet Plan Review

Releana is no longer available, however this can be a good resource when it comes to understanding Hcg weight loss clinic programs.  Read more about Releana Sublingual Hcg or… Read about Hcg Diet Drops here.

Releana is a sublingual form of Hcg Diet Drops that was formerly common at expensive weight loss clinics.  This particular diet plan is very different from the original Hcg Diet Protocol designed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in his manuscript, “Pounds and Inches.”  In addition to having it’s own approach, the Releana Hcg Diet protocol is also known to vary at each individual clinic, based on the beliefs and theories of the medical staff and doctors on site.  These variations include hCG dosage amounts and instructions for taking, and for this reason, we cannot include the exact Releana protocol on this page.  The original Hcg Diet Foods List also varies from Releana’s protocol, which includes more foods and calories than what Hcg Diet experts commonly refer to as “Hcg Diet approved foods.”

Another notable difference in the Releana Hcg Diet Plan compared to the original protocol, is that Releana does not take breaks throughout the weight loss process and there are no notable “phases.”  The common Hcg Diet Plan outlines specific breaks between weight loss phases, with phase 1 lasting for 3 days, phase 2 (weight loss phase) lasting for approximately 26 days, and the transition phase (p3) lasting approximately 3 weeks.  The Hcg Dieter does not continue with another “round” of these 3 phases until the 3 weeks of phase 3 have been completed.  In contrast, the Releana program is an ongoing weight loss process until the desired weight loss goal is reached without a break.

Releana Hcg Diet Plan Costs

While the Releana Hcg Drops cost less $100 (per month,) the weight loss clinics that oversee the program can run anywhere between $600 and $2400 depending on how much weight the patient wants to lose.

Releana HCG Diet Plan – Sublingual hCG:

This is Sub Lingual hCG that is pre-mixed for you and can only be acquired through a physician who works with the Releana company. The company has a patent on it because they add a particular buffer to the solution. The physician does some blood work prior to putting you on the program, as well as follow-up.

The Releana Diet Plan, when not modified, stresses healthy eating involving proteins, fruits, vegetables and “good” fats. Some providers also provide lifestyle coaching so a patient can not only lose the weight but maintain their post hCG Diet weight loss. Releana Weight Loss Program stresses diet and supplements, and claims succes with patients who lost the weight and changed their lives.


Hcg Diet 169

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