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  1. im about to start this hcg diet. i really need to lose alot of weight that i have put on from my 2 children. my health is starting to go down hill and i want to feel how i use to. i wasnt into sports much but when i found muay thai i was hooked. i would train from when i woke up and it would be the last thing i would do before i went to sleep. so if there is anything that you can help me with as far as weights and cardio anything that you think might help would be greatly appriciated

  2. Insanity Workouts says:

    I ordered the product and need to order more how fast will it arrive?

  3. Samantha's says:

    Thank you for this entry! I train quite consistently for past few years but have not been able to shake off the remaining 5kg. I do olympic weightlifting and metabolic conditioning and am Afraid to lose my strength amd fitness after this diet. Good to know you didn’t. I plan to still doing weights to maintain muscle mass but not supp with creatine. We’ll see how that pans out. I am currently “overweight” – BMi-wise but am 26% body fat which is normal for my age, 28 and height, 160cm (female)… So, I’m currently at 68.7 (after 1 fat load day) and hoping to drop to 61kg in 3 weeks..fingers crossed I get fat loss without losing strength!

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