Welcome to HCG DIET INFO, the largest and most trusted HCG Diet Plan authority on the web with over 100,000 members. HDI was founded over 15 years ago as the first HCG Diet site on the web. It has since become one of the largest health websites in the world, surpassing 100 million readers in 2013.

Today, HDI is still run by Jen Larson and a small team of HCG Diet experts and medical professionals. HDI continues to provide the leading information for HCG Dieters including: Accurate protocol details, HCG Diet recipes, food lists, reviews, sample menus, tips for buying REAL hCG Injections, drops, and tablets as complete weight loss programs.

HDI has been featured on CNN, Sports Illustrated, Shape Magazine, Huffington Post and countless news, radio, morning and today shows.”


Contributing Authors, Experts and Physicians

Jen Larson, BA, BSN, PhD, ND. Founder of Hcg Diet Info, the first Hcg medical weight loss website.  Jen has over 15 years of experience in medicine and is considered an expert in weight loss. She is currently in the process of pursuing a PhD in Natural Medicine in the UK.

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, MD: Much of the research and information on this site is credited to Dr. Simeons, MD, and award-winning endocrinologist who dedicated his life to creating a hormone therapy program for medical weight loss. Dr. Simeons was a British doctor, born in London, UK, who graduated Summa Cum Laude at the University of Heidelberg. 

“Coach Leez” is recognized as a leading expert on the Hcg Diet for over 10 years, and has actively volunteered as our co-chief moderator, contributing author and editor for Hcg Diet Info instructional articles, resources, tools, and guides. She is currently working toward the publication of her first book with Jen, to offer a medically professional approach to following the protocol accurately as Dr. Simeons first intended.

Dr. Rao, MD is a licensed physician and chief of medicine for Diet Doc. He is an authority in hormone therapy and medical weight loss, well-published and renowned for his countless successes in the industry. Dr. Rao is also a naturopath, with a heavy focus on the modern day research of Hcg through a holistic approach to the physical body and hormone system. He has contributed a number of articles about the Hcg hormone, as well as its effects and results when used for weight loss. In addition, he has trained countless licensed nutritionists and weight loss experts to follow the protocol accurately. 

Colleen Coble, Award-winning author and leading authority on the HCG Diet Plan. Colleen has been contributing to HDI for nearly 10 years, having helped millions of individuals lose weight, address hormone imbalances, and navigate adrenal and endocrine treatments. Colleen is affectionately knowns as “Grammy” in our forums, where she continues to volunteer her knowledge and expertise to those following the medical weight loss protocol. 

Dr. Belluscio, MD was one of the first to advocate the Hcg Diet in our lifetime. He is a medical physician located in Argentina, with clients from around the world. He was gracious enough to help Hcg Diet Info in our early days, and much of his research has been weaved into the informative articles and resources on this site. 

A Letter from Jen…. How and Why of HCG Diet Info History

Hello, my name is Jen, and I am the founder of HCG Diet Info. I started this site in early 2002, when I was on the HCG Diet Plan myself and lost nearly 90 lbs with the Hcg medical weight loss. I quickly realized there were no HCG Diet information sites on the web to help people like myself learn about the protocol, nor where to find Hcg weight loss providers that specialized in the diet. For the first few weeks, I believe I had around 70 people visit the site… total. Today, HDI has had over 100 million visits, over a million pages, and we are the largest HCG Diet community of over 100,000 members in our forums. I am both amazed and honored that HDI has come so far, and proud that we were the first to have started it all.

Our Mission

Our mission to help others continues: Our goal is to help those who want to lose weight safely and effectively through practical guidance of medical weight loss options. This includes sharing Hcg diet tips, helpful weight loss articles, recipes and cooking tips, natural foods and eating support, and of course… a little inspiration and a lot of motivation.

Our priority is also to help make the transition to healthy living much easier for you than it has been for me, and to share my own journey… After All, we are always learning and growing.

I am not a doctor, or a “health guru.” I’m just a new mom who is incredibly passionate about designing a healthy, fit lifestyle for myself and my family. I’m guessing you’re a lot like me.

In fact, I compiled a checklist of the things I wish I’d known when I first started, the cliff notes of HCG Dieting, in a simple guide, and I’d love to give it to you. Just enter your email address here and I’ll send it your way. Don’t worry- I hate spam more than you, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Why HCG Diet Info?

For me, it all started when I was in college. My weight had soared to over 240 lbs. I felt very hopeless, helpless and out of control when it came to food. I had tried every diet imaginable; I lost weight on Atkins (and regained +), went to weight watchers meetings (and regained +), walked for hours on the treadmill (Lost 2 pounds. Ate lunch and it was back.) and the list goes on. Nothing seemed to work and I was miserable.

One day, I was sharing my frustrations with my beautiful, size 2 college roommate, who calmly shared that she had once been over 175 pounds. I was stunned. I had known her for years and she had always seemed like one of those “naturally thin” women I dreamed of being. She went on to tell me about a doctor that she worked with, who had put her on this “medical hormone diet” and she had lost the weight FAST & had been thin since. Long story short, I found a telemedicine doctor and they had the HCG delivered by the following month, a modified protocol in hand. I lost over 80 lbs.

I am not exaggerating when I tell people the HCG diet changed my life.

Then: I ate fast food, fried foods, twinkles, frozen dinners. I couldn’t pass by a plate of cookies without having… a plate of cookies (you thought I was going to say 1 cookie right? No, I would eat the whole plate. And if the plate was made of cookie, I would have eaten that too.) I would exercise for a week or two and give up. I was so unhappy with my body, I would cry.

Now: I love spinach & avocado smoothies, I have chia seeds soaking in my fridge. Twinkies make me gag. I would never touch fast food. I would choose an ahi tuna salad over fried calamari any day. I don’t eat Frozen dinners? No thank you. If I have a cookie, I leave half for santa. After all, he works hard too. 😉 I love yoga, pilates, boxing, paddle boarding, and going for the occasional jog. I try to do some sort of “movement” every single day. I love my body- curves and all.

What a difference a little diet makes, right?

Where I am Now

Most of the time, I stick to sharing articles about hcg diet plans and their protocols, hcg diet foods and recipes, products and the occasional exercise tip, but if we become friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram (@hcgdietinfo on all) you’ll also occasionally hear about my life with my new baby, what I do in my free time, my addiction to world travel, and my totally normal hobbies like boxing and reading medical journals.

As of late January 2016, I am starting the HCG Diet once again, to lose the baby weight I gained while pregnant. It was bound to happen- I was drinking a gallon of orange juice a day and couldn’t get enough! Anyway, I will be updating my 2nd HCG Diet journey and I look forward to sharing with you all!

Enough about me- I want to know about you! Come join the awesome community around here, say hi in the forums anytime you feel like it, and tell me about how you ended up here!

How HCG Diet Info grew to help millions of people lose weight and change their lives forever…

“HCG Diet Info was the first and remains the only authority on HCG diet and weight loss information.

HDI was founded in 2002, when Jenn Larson, first started the hCG diet plan on her Doctor’s recommendation and quickly found there was no information available online. Frustrated that there was nothing and no one available for guidance, she turned to her doctor for help. He helped her find the original manuscript by Dr. ATW Simeons (Pounds and Inches) and answered questions for months as she built the site to share what she had learned. 4 Months later, Jen had lost over 80 pounds on the diet, chronicling the details of her success online to a growing community on what had become, HCG Diet Info. Within a few months, she had around 70 visitors per week. A year later, word had spread and 10’s of thousands had joined up on the site to help support one another on the protocol. HDI was picked up on the news, in magazines and on television and by January of 2013, the site had reached over 100 million readers.

The HCG Diet world has vastly changed with countless websites and professional services now available and HCG Diet Info is now, not only recognized as the leading authority on the plan, but is noted as one of the most visited websites in the entire health industry.

HDI has been featured on CNN, Sports Illustrated, Shape Magazine, Huffington Post and countless news, radio, morning and today shows.”

Press features include CNN, Sports Illustrated, Shape Magazine, Huffington Post, Livestrong and countless news, radio, morning and today shows, etc: