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Note:  This article is for comparison information only. ALWAYS seek the guidance of your own personal physician before adjusting your dosage of this and any other prescription medication.

How to Adjust Your HCG Diet Dosage

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Most of the time a dose between 125-150 is perfect, but everyone is individual. People are always afraid they will be hungry on a 500 calorie diet, but if your dose is right, there is little hunger. The only hunger you should experience is a bit of hunger just before your meal.

Before we discuss adjusting your dose, let’s talk about what hunger is and isn’t. An empty feeling is perfectly normal when on the hcg diet. Stomach noises are normal. True hunger is a gnawing ache in your belly that is distracting and creates an almost insatiable desire to eat anything you can get your hands on. A craving for pasta or sweets is not hunger (though it can be the first sign of a wrong dose.) True hunger makes everything sound good, even more of the food you’re allowed on the protocol. True hunger makes no difference in what you eat, just that you eat something.

That true hunger mentioned above is a sign that your dose is off, either too high or too low. 99% of the time the dose is too high, not too low. But let’s discuss signs of which way you need to adjust first.

  1. If you’ve done a terrific job of loading yet wake up hungry on the morning you should begin the low calorie part of the diet, that is an indication your dose is too high. You haven’t even started the diet yet so of course should not be hungry. Yet you are. If that describes you, you can’t skip just yet which is the usual way to adjust your dose. You can’t skip until you’ve had at least 4 injections. So on day 3 before you start the diet, lower your dose by 50 iu. So if you’re taking 150, lower to 100 iu FOR THAT DAY ONLY. The next day increase to 125 iu. Lowering it more than usual for that one day lets your blood level of hcg drop faster to get you comfortable more quickly. That quick adjustment should fix you right up.
  2. You’ve been on hcg several days, maybe even several weeks, but you suddenly start realizing you’re ravenous. It’s an indication your levels have crept up too high. Some people metabolize hcg more slowly so that allows your levels to get too high. Or it’s also possible you are metabolizing faster and need a little more. The only way to find out for sure is to skip your next injection. Pay attention to how you feel after 4:00 PM and into the evening. Most likely your hunger will fade as the day wears on. If that’s your situation on a skip day, lower your dose by 25 iu. If you find the hunger doesn’t get better (perhaps you’ve been on a really high dose like 200-250 iu) then you may not feel better until close to bedtime. Then you need to lower your dose even more. Lower to 150 iu if you’ve been on 200 or higher. If you’ve been on 175, lower to 125.

It’s very common to need to lower your dose about midway in the round. And it’s also common to need less with every round. I suspect this is the mechanism Dr. Simeons described as “immunity.” It’s more of a sensitivity, but the end result is similar to immunity in that the hcg isn’t working right for you as you become more and more sensitive until you can’t take enough hcg for it to do its job properly. I don’t like to see anyone take much below 100. We occasionally have people go all the way down to 80 but it makes me very uncomfortable to see them take so little because I’m never really sure they’re losing the right kind of fat.

I’ve discussed adjusting the dose with injections, but it works the same way with drops, though with hcg drops you need to skip both oral doses. If you’re using hhcg and taking it 3x a day, just skipping 2 doses is usually sufficient. There is no immunity issue with the homeopathic hcg though. The hunger is just a sign that you need to tweak your dose a bit.

Once in a while we see someone who isn’t hungry but whose losses are terrible or they are even gaining weight. Most of the time those dieters are on a dose too high as well.

If you’re weak or fatigued, that can be a dose issue, but it’s more commonly related to electrolytes. Many people drink so much water they wash out their electrolytes. Try 1 tsp of sea salt in warm water and take an electrolyte supplement. If that doesn’t fix it, try skipping your injection to see if it’s dose related.

If you’re still struggling after following this dose adjustment advice, contact Grammy or one of the moderators for more help. Happy losing!

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