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hCG Diet Books Reviewed

hCG Diet Books Reviewed The Weight Loss Cure came into the public conscious in 2007, and since then there have been a few hCG diet books to written to help you find success on the hCG diet. Pocket Guide To The hCG Protocol This is NOT a how-to for the HCG diet, The Pocket Guide… read more »

HCG Diet Exercise Callanetics Review

Callanetics Exercise on the hCG Diet Callanetics exercise is and non-strenuous exercise regime that started in the 1970’s by Callan Pinckney. It combines a more effective approach to traditional isotonic/isometric exercise that delivers quick visible results in as little as 10 days. Callanetics is unique exercises regime that is based on slow, deliberate repetitive muscle… read more »

hCG Diet Exercise Melt Method Review

What is the Melt Method? The Melt Method is a patented method of non-touch bodywork. Bodywork is a term used to describe therapeutic healing by touch or manipulation such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kinesiology, Yoga, and other mind body modalities. What makes the Melt Method a great exercise on the hCG diet that has… read more »

HCG Diet Headache

Some individuals, when starting HCG diet, will experience headaches. This typically occurs during the first few days of the diet, Phase 1 or Loading Days. Headaches occur because while the body is adjusting to fat burning and detoxing.  The HCG is forcing stored fat into the bloodstream, which the body uses as fuel. This is… read more »

My Concerns About Using The Hcg Diet

Now that I have your attention…. Do I worry that it’s potentially dangerous to do the injections? No. My current worry takes a bit of a different path. And at the risk of possibly offending some people (not my intention), an old vet feels the …