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Leez is a leading authority on the Hcg Diet. Her own Hcg Diet success story includes a weight loss goal of 77 pounds lost and maintained for many years now. When she is not sharing her knowledge in articles here on HDI, she is volunteering as an Hcg Diet Info Forums Chief Moderator, and has provided guidance for millions of Hcg Dieters there. Be sure to join her monthly support group in the Hcg Diet Info Forums: “Leez’s Loaders” and feel free to ask about her experience with Diet Doc Hcg weight loss program.

15 Insomnia Remedies for P2 of the Hcg Diet Plan

It’s very common to encounter sleep issues or insomnia during P2 because of the very low calorie diet. This is a common side effect of the HCG diet. There are a some things you can try to mitigate the insomnia. You may find one or a combo works for you. It’s important to address, as… read more »


Formula to Calculate Your HCG Dose

This method can be used to calculate your dose and/or check your math to make sure you are administering the right dose in IUs no matter what the amounts of HCG and mixing solution are used.  Once you see the pattern, what might seem an impossible calculation will look simple to you. A standard vial… read more »

Hcg Diet Weight Gain and Maintenance Hcg Diet Weight Gain and Maintenance

Maintenance Phase Weight Gain: Alternative Correction Strategies

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed Hcg Diet Phase 2 and have maintained your losses during the 21 days of Phase 3 Stabilization.  chances are, you did one or more “steak days” to rein in any gains during those 3 weeks.  Now you face the challenge to continue on with healthy, disciplined eating to stay at your… read more »

How to Know When You Are Hungry How to Know When You Are Hungry

How to Know When You Are HUNGRY, and When you are FULL.

Maintenance, starting with P3 and moving into P4 can be very scary because there are no rules about how much you can eat of all those yummy things that are allowed.   It is the perfect time to tune into your hunger and fullness signals and begin the discipline that will help you keep your P2… read more »


Hcg Diet Quick FAQ

Professional Hcg Diet Coach, Leez, answers the most commonly asked questions about the HCG weight loss protocol! Have a question?  Submit a comment below, or consult with Leez in the Hcg Diet Info Forums. General questions about the HCG Diet:   Are HCG injections for weight loss safe? Yes, in over 50 years of the… read more »