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Leez is a leading authority on the Hcg Diet. Her own Hcg Diet success story includes a weight loss goal of 77 pounds lost and maintained for many years now. When she is not sharing her knowledge in articles here on HDI, she is volunteering as an Hcg Diet Info Forums Chief Moderator, and has provided guidance for millions of Hcg Dieters there. Be sure to join her monthly support group in the Hcg Diet Info Forums: “Leez’s Loaders” and feel free to ask about her experience with Diet Doc Hcg weight loss program.
How long should i do the hcg diet? How long should i do the hcg diet?

How Long Should I do the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is unique in that if you follow the timing rules and phase instructions, you can actually reset your metabolism to remain at a lower set point. It may seem like you are saving time by staying on a weight loss plan until you reach your goal, but what happens is that even… read more »

Linda Prinster Hcg Weight Loss Guide Review Linda Prinster Hcg Weight Loss Guide Review

HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide by Linda Prinster Reviewed

Have you wished for an HCG guide that expands, explains, and organizes the HCG protocol?  Linda Prinster’s book, HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide, has been very helpful to me during my HCG journey.  After learning about it in this review, you may decide it can be helpful to you as well. I was referred to… read more »

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Hcg Diet Planned Interruptions: Taking a Break

The HCG Diet can be challenging if you have a busy social, business or family life.  For those that cannot find a stretch of time where they can focus on the protocol for the complete length of a round, there is an option to take a break, or planned interruption. Dr. Simeons calls this an… read more »

Hcg Diet Protocol and MCT Oil Hcg Diet Protocol and MCT Oil

The Hcg Diet and MCT Oil: Yes or No?

Are MCT oils allowed on the Hcg Diet? In the original Simeons protocol, no added oils or fats are permitted during Phase 2.  In fact, the requirements not only prohibit adding oil to your meals, but also warn against oils in soaps and cosmetics. Added fat can cause stalls and gains, presumably because the HCG… read more »