Last time, I warned you about three sweeteners to avoid while on the hCG diet; but this time, I’ll give you the best hCG diet sweeteners!

For Phase 2, the best hCG diet sweeteners are:

    Stevia, a natural zero glycemic response sweetener
    Erythritol, a sugar alcohol with zero glycemic response
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Most of us on the HCG Diet are familiar with the sweetener stevia. As far as safety, here’s the most recent study published in 2003 in the Phytochemistry journal, “Acute and subacute toxicity studies revealed a very low toxicity of Stevia and stevioside.” Read the abstract for yourself at PubMed:

Some folks do have trouble finding a stevia that tastes good to them, though. Sometimes, that’s just because they are using too much, which for some of us, causes bitterness. KAL and NuNaturals pure extracts seem to be the best-tasting and less likely to taste bitter.

For bulk use, here’s a good hCG diet sweetener that is totally pure, no fillers at all: Use the coupon code CIN183 to get $5 off your first order if you haven’t bought at this site before. Remember, however, this is pure with no fillers to bulk it up, and 3/4 TEAspoon equals ONE CUP sugar, so don’t use too much!


Least likely to cause gastric upset when compared to all the other sugar alcohols, erythritol is also zero glycemic response, so it can also be used in P2 without jeopardizing the diet’s benefits.

For Phase 3, these two hCG diet sweeteners can be added to your staples:

    Vegetable glycerin, a sweetener with a low glycemic response
    Xylitol, another sugar alcohol with low glycemic response that can be used in small amounts to limit the digestive upset it can cause when too much is eaten too frequently

Vegetable glycerin

The best thing about this sweetener is that it is thick, like honey. What that means is that you can use it in recipes that need a certain syrupy consistency or “mouth feel” to mimic the sugared version. Homemade ice cream is an example of a recipe that needs a certain quality that only glycerin can give it, absent sugar.

The person that was most excited when first learning from me about vegetable glycerin for P3 use, was my close friend Tammy Skye, who is working on a Phase 3 cookbook as a follow up to her original book, The HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook, which most of you are familiar with. (She now has a second volume available to provide another 150 P2 recipes for us.) Before I filled her in on my secret of using this thick sweetener, she had been struggling to get the right consistency for P3 ice cream, but glycerin did the trick!


Although it can cause gastric upset if overused, xylitol is another sugar alcohol with low glycemic response that makes baking and other recipes in P3 work better. You do need to be aware that xylitol is harmful to dogs, so please protect your pets from accidently ingesting this one.

And always remember, you DESERVE to be thin!

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