Hcg Diet Weight Gain and Maintenance Hcg Diet Weight Gain and Maintenance

Maintenance Phase Weight Gain: Alternative Correction Strategies

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed Hcg Diet Phase 2 and have maintained your losses during the 21 days of Phase 3 Stabilization.  chances are, you did one or more “steak days” to rein in any gains during those 3 weeks.  Now you face the challenge to continue on with healthy, disciplined eating to stay at your… read more »

How to Know When You Are Hungry How to Know When You Are Hungry

How to Know When You Are HUNGRY, and When you are FULL.

Maintenance, starting with P3 and moving into P4 can be very scary because there are no rules about how much you can eat of all those yummy things that are allowed.   It is the perfect time to tune into your hunger and fullness signals and begin the discipline that will help you keep your P2… read more »


Hcg Diet Quick FAQ

Professional Hcg Diet Coach, Leez, answers the most commonly asked questions about the HCG weight loss protocol! Have a question?  Submit a comment below, or consult with Leez in the Hcg Diet Info Forums. General questions about the HCG Diet:   Are HCG injections for weight loss safe? Yes, in over 50 years of the… read more »

Hcg Diet Alternative Food Lists Hcg Diet Alternative Food Lists

Alternative Hcg Diet Food Lists and Eating Guidelines

Alternative Protocol Food Lists The following food lists are based on alternative Hcg diet protocols. These include the 800 calorie diet, and the “New” Hcg Diet, as seen on Dr. Oz and Dr. Emma.  Details and guidelines are included for each, so please read carefully to make an informed decision on which approach is right… read more »

How long should i do the hcg diet? How long should i do the hcg diet?

How Long Should I do the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is unique in that if you follow the timing rules and phase instructions, you can actually reset your metabolism to remain at a lower set point. It may seem like you are saving time by staying on a weight loss plan until you reach your goal, but what happens is that even… read more »

Linda Prinster Hcg Weight Loss Guide Review Linda Prinster Hcg Weight Loss Guide Review

HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide by Linda Prinster Reviewed

Have you wished for an HCG guide that expands, explains, and organizes the HCG protocol?  Linda Prinster’s book, HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide, has been very helpful to me during my HCG journey.  After learning about it in this review, you may decide it can be helpful to you as well. I was referred to… read more »

Buy Hcg Injections online - Guide Buy Hcg Injections online - Guide

Jen’s Nu Image Medical Review (Updated 2019)

Nu Image review day! I have purchased my prescription Hcg and supplies from Nu Image Medical multiple times now, and thought I would share my full experience and review. Well, they have become my FAVORITE source for REAL prescription Hcg Injections, Drops and Tablets- with good reason. It has been quite some time since I… read more »

Jen's Hcg Diet Journey Jen's Hcg Diet Journey

Jen’s Hcg Diet Journal – Week 3 Journey (Early Wrap up)

My results: As of my 3rd week, I am down just under 15 pounds, and over 6 inches from my waist. As you will read below, I had to wrap my round up early. I moved into Phase 3, although circumstances made this challenging. Despite this, I have managed to stabilize by using lipotropic shots and… read more »

How HCG Vials Work – HCG Buy Guide Tip #8

Prescription HCG injections used for the HCG diet are sold in vials of 5000iu.  All HCG vials contain this amount of HCG powder.  The “iu” is a measurement of the amount and means “international unit.” For Hcg Injections:  1 Vial of 5000iu HCG will last approximately 3 to 4 weeks for injections.  The HCG should… read more »