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Fast order & shipping, only USA pharmacies, authentic Hcg injections as complete kits

So you are ready to start the Hcg Diet Plan, but not sure where to buy Hcg online?

While it appears there are dozens of options to purchase, the truth is, there are only a few legitimate companies that offer high quality, REAL Hcg (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.)

I know how challenging it can be to find a reliable source for Hcg, and that’s why I have personally vetted each of these telemedicine clinics/pharmacies. Not only have I used them myself, but I also put them through a rigorous review each year to be certain they continue to provide the solid customer service, safety and quality their patients (and my readers) deserve.  

Update:  The FDA will no longer allow US compounding pharmacies to make Hcg. There is a limited amount of Hcg left in supply, however when that is gone, that is it.  Current status of Hcg supplies:

  • HCG Pellets and Drops: Out of stock FOREVER
  • HCG Injections: available until supplies run out
Hcg Diet Results - My 90 pound weight loss
Dr. Jen Larson, BSN, ND. My own transformation with Hcg injections and lipotropics.

3 Best Options to purchase
HCG injections

Nu Image
Licensed Telemedicine Clinic & Pharmacy in Florida, USA
Nu Image Medical
Exclusive for HDI Readers: Coupon Code HDIVIP
  • Complete Kit: Hcg + Supplies
  • Free B12 Offer
  • Choose US-made, RX grade Injections, Pills or Drops
Diet Doc
Licensed Telemedicine Clinic in San Diego, USA
Diet Doc
Exclusive for HDI Readers: Coupon Code HDIHCG
  • Complete Kit: Hcg + Supplies
  • Free Add-on Offer
  • Nutritionist Coaching for 1 Year!
  • Choose US-made, RX grade Injections or Pills
Most Popular
Riverfront MD
Licensed Telemedicine Clinic in Oregon, USA
Riverfront MD
Exclusive for HDI Readers: Coupon Code HDI50
  • Hcg & Basic Supplies (may still need alcohol swabs)
  • Value for veterans who only need Hcg, with little or no support
  • Offers RX grade Hcg Injections or pills

Тhе іnfоrmаtіоn hеrе should not be taken as mеdісаl аdvісе. Рlеаѕе соnѕult your personal physician before taking НСG іnјесtіоnѕ or starting a medical weight loss program such as the Hcg Diet. 


#1: Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Hcg Kit
My Hcg injection kit from Nu Image

Nu Image Medical is an FDA accredited telemedicine company and pharmacy located in Florida, USA. They have been in business for over 15 years, with an excellent reputation.

Highlights of purchasing:

  • Prescription and Hcg are included in price (no hidden costs.)
  • Complete Kit includes EVERYTHING needed: RX Hcg and all mixing and dosing supplies
  • FREE B12 is included in the HCG (Mixed in the HCG- only 1 shot to take.)
  • Option to add lipotropic/MIC fat burning injections (I personally love these.)
  • Choose Injections, Drops or Pellets (all pharmaceutical grade.)
  • INSTANT order processing (like, lightning fast.) Have your Hcg by tomorrow if you’d like.

 What sets them apart:

  • Longest in the biz, with a 15 year track record.
  • They encourage you to get to know their doctors and medical staff.
  • Valid prescription on the label with your name and the prescribing doctor.
  • Their Hcg is high quality, and over 100% potency, based on 3rd party testing.
Hcg cost and savings: The 46 day program comes out to only $169 per 5000iu vial (2.) this is over 60% off regular pricing, including a $150 discount + FREE B12 ($99 value) exclusive to HCG Diet Info readers (Automatically applied during checkout.) Your B12 will automatically be shipped with your order.
Use NU IMAGE COUPON CODE: HDIVIP to get this offer. (If you have trouble using this coupon code, read this: Nu Image coupon codes & how to use them.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

For women who need to lose more than 15 pounds, the 46 day Hcg program is recommended. For those who want to lose 15 lbs or less, the 26 day kit is best. 

Men tend to lose more, so for those with more than 20 pounds to lose, the 46 day program is recommended. Men with less than 20 pounds to lose can purchase the 26 day program. 

Since everyone’s loss rates are different, and every round is different, these are the wise guidelines to ensure you have enough to reach your goal. 

Nu Image offers a complete kit with their program. You do not need to buy anything else. This includes: Prescription-grade Hcg for injections, drops or pellets. All supplies: mixing solution, mixing syringe, injection needles, alcohol swabs, etc. Price also includes doctor consults, and live support.

Nu Image offers a powerful, unique blend of lipotropic/MIC fat burners as an add on to their Hcg kits. They are commonly used to stimulate fat breakdown and super-charge the metabolism. If you want to maximize your HCG weight loss, these are an excellent option. They are also great for the maintenance phase.

Since Nu Image offers the highest dosage on the market, and because this is very potent HCG, some people may need to lower their dosage to avoid feeling hungry during phase 2.  If you have questions about this, feel free to ask the moderators and coaches in the HCG Diet Info forums, who have been offering guidance with this for YEARS.

#2: Diet Doc

Diet Doc Hcg
Jen's Hcg injection kit and products from Diet Doc

Diet Doc is an FDA-approved, telemedicine clinic located in San Diego, CA. They have an excellent team of medical doctors, weight loss experts, and licensed nutritionists.
Their goal is to get you slim and HEALTHY for life.


  • Hcg comes from an FDA accredited pharmacy in California.
  • Every client gets a personalized plan: food/calorie allowance and dosage

  • Complete Kits: all mixing/dosage supplies included.
  • Access to a licensed nutritionist for ONE YEAR.
  • B12 is included in the Hcg automatically, for all HDI readers
  • Option to add lipotropics and more
  • Ships across USA and Canada
  • Fast, 3 Day FedEx shipping, no sign required, and overnight shipping available

What sets them apart:

  • Diet Doc has an 8+ year track record in the industry.
  • Hcg vials come with a valid prescription: your name and prescribing doc on the label.
  • Hcg is over 100% potency on average, via 3rd party, FDA required testing. (Certificate below)
  • Outstanding support with licensed nutritionists available 7 days a week, including expanded hours.
  • All major credit cards accepted and option to change payment after purchase, to health savings and flex savings account.

Savings Tip: Diet Doc is simply an incredible value. This is an excellent option for those who want to work with a doctor and nutritionists to achieve optimal health in addition to weight management.

Special Offer

Save $238 with HDI discount pricing and free $99 B12 or free $99 Lipo. Add these to your cart with a 60 day Hcg program, and use Diet Doc coupon code HDIHCG. (Diet Doc coupon codes & how to use them.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

For women who need to lose more than 15 pounds, the 60 day Hcg program is recommended. For those who want to lose 15 lbs or less, the 30 day kit is best. 

Men tend to lose more, so for those with more than 20 pounds to lose, the 46 day program is recommended. Men with less than 20 pounds to lose can purchase the 26 day program. 

Again, since each person loses differently, this is the general guideline so you have enough to reach your goal.

Diet Doc offers lipotropic/MIC fat burning injections and tablets  (which is rare.) They are commonly used by athletes to stimulate fat breakdown and boost the metabolism, while creating an optimal environment for accelerated fat burning. When combined with a diet program, lipotropics can maximize your weight loss

Riverfront MD

Riverfront Hcg 300
Jen's Hcg injection Kit from Riverfront

Riverfront is an FDA-approved telemedicine clinic located in Florida, USA. This is rock-bottom pricing for no-frills, prescription HCG shots and pellets.  Ideal for veterans who do not need a lot of hand-holding and those who do not need their Hcg immediately, but want to save money on their purchase. They also offer inexpensive B12 and lipotropics, shakes and more.

  • Hcg is made in a U.S. licensed compounding pharmacy
  • Exclusive $40 Discount for HDI readers using coupon code HDI50. (Riverfront MD coupon codes and How to use them.)
  • Complete kits with all supplies (mixing solution, mixing syringes, injection needles and guidebook.)
  • Easy to follow mixing instructions
  • Option to purchase inexpensive Lipotropics and B12 shots

Hcg cost and sales: Use RIVERFRONT MD COUPON CODE HDI50 for Receive an exclusive $40 discount on a 50 day Hcg program.

For women who need to lose over 15 Lbs, the 50 day Hcg program is recommended. For women who want to lose 15 lbs or less, purchase the 25 day kit. 

Men tend to lose more, so for those with 20+ Lbs to lose, the 50 day program is recommended. Men with less than 20 Lbs to lose can purchase the 25 day program. 

Again, since each person loses differently, this is the general guideline so you have enough to reach your goal.

FAQ About the ordering process

Here’s the short and sweet, low-down…

Choose one of these 3 sources, and select the amount of Hcg you would like to purchase, based on how much weight you want to lose. When you have added your Hcg and add-ons to your cart, you will complete a brief medical questionnaire (it’s faster than the doctor’s office!) A licensed medical doctor will review this and reach out for a 1-on-1 phone consult (phone or video-chat, your preference.) Your personal consult is just like an office visit: The doctor will go over your medical background and then cover the Hcg protocol, answering any questions you have before approving your prescription. Once approved, the doctor sends the prescription to the pharmacy, who then delivers your Hcg kit, directly to your door. Ahh, don’t you just love the future of medicine! 

The 3 recommended sources on this page, are the best options for buying REAL human chorionic gonadotropin. 100% pure, high potency, high quality Hcg for your safety and success.

I have included photos of each pharmacy’s 3rd party analysis certificates showing their human chorionic gonadotropin is made in the USA with well over 100% potency (above the 92% required by the FDA, which is required by all USA pharmacies.)

Purchasing Hcg over the counter is illegal. In fact, if a company offers to sell Hcg without a prescription, it is counterfeit, fake or expired- it is also not made in an FDA regulated pharmacy and should be avoided for your personal safety.

REAL Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections will ALWAYS require a prescription, however these can be included with your Hcg kit.

Each of my sources below, include a valid and legal prescription with your order. This will be approved by the doctor you speak with during your phone or video consultation.

I get asked this question a lot.) My results: I lost 26 pounds during my last round with the Hcg diet protocol and this is what I ordered: a 2 round/month supply (to save money) of prescription Hcg injections with B12 and lipotropics. I continue to take B12, and Lipo shots in varying amounts for maintenance, based on my current workout routine. I find lipotropics are great for maintaining my weight, and I love the energy added to my day.

While this is what works for me, I always advocate going with whats right for you personally. Everyone is different, and in the end, it’s important to make choices that will help you reach your personal goals

Benefits of Buying Online


Cost... Is it worth it?

Complete Hcg kits and programs can be as low as $169 per round when purchasing 6-8 week supply, using the exclusive discounts on this page. This is a HUGE savings compared to a local clinic that charges $700-$2000 for the same round.


Quality Prescription hCG

Each of these sources offers highest quality, prescription grade, hCG hormone. This is not counterfeit, watered down generic or fake hCG you would buy overseas. These are USA pharmacies that work WITH the FDA to exceed the legally required potency (92%) and exceed 100% potency for each batch.


Support and Coaching

This is where these companies really shine, and differ. Each company includes access to a medical doctor, and Hcg diet expert coaches. This is so important! Some also offer EXTENSIVE coaching (for a year!) while others offer minimal support allowing for lower Hcg pricing.


No Prescription Needed

All hCG sources on this page, include a valid prescription from a licensed medical doctor right here in the USA. And yes, It is 100% legal for Hcg to be prescribed by a doctor through the growing practice of telemedicine!

Authentic Prescription HCG made in the USA

I ONLY recommend sources that are FDA-approved, and offer pure human chorionic gonadotropin that comes in unmixed powder form, as 5000iu vials. This is authentic prescription-grade Hcg hormone for injections, drops and pellets. I also regularly request copies of the legally required, 3rd party certificates of analysis. This is to prove their Hcg is made in the USA (not counterfeit product from India or overseas!) and is also above the 92% potency FDA requirement. ALL 3 of my Hcg sources, only sell Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that averages over 100% potency.

Disclaimer (& Gratitude....)

I would like to express my gratitude to all of those who use Hcg Diet Info’s links to buy your Hcg. You get a discount, and we receive a small commission that helps cover the costs of our forums and coaching- (100 million visits gets pricey!)

Because of you, we continue to help so many people to reach their life-long weight loss goals, membership free. Thank you!

Dr. Jen

More Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding quality and potency (3rd party testing) Why is quality and potency important? Why Choose REAL Hcg that is made in the USA vs. India or overseas? Should I choose prescription or homeopathic Hcg? What’s included with these Hcg kits and weight loss programs?

Yes, it is possible to have your kit delivered quickly if you are in a rush. In fact, instant order processing is an option, as well as overnight shipping. 

Tips: for quickest delivery, place your order and then call the company immediately following your order. You can then request an urgent scheduling of your doctor consult to speed up the approval process.

I regularly request analysis certificates from any company I recommend. This is evidence that their Hcg is made in the USA (not overseas counterfeit “hcg”) and proof that their manufacturing process exceeds the 92% requirement of the FDA. As a side note: if the potency of the Hcg is less than 92%, the FDA requires the entire batch to be destroyed. Overseas Hcg does not have this requirement which is why they can make their versions of American Hcg brands so cheap and using different ingredients than the real brands made in the USA.

I am always pleased to see the third party analysis certificates for each of the companies I recommend, not only exceed the FDA’s requirements, but are ALWAYS over 100% potency.


Why choose US-made Hcg instead of India/overseas counterfeit Hcg?

I have turned down overseas pharmacies who have offered me a lot of money to be on this list. Why? First, they only sell counterfeit Hcg and if is often fake, or expired, with toxic ingredients and sometimes no hormone at all. I have seen far too many serious side effects to endorse overseas pharmacies. I have also seen countless cases of bank fraud through overseas “pharmacy” websites, where banks are no longer refunding the money stolen.  The truth is, Hcg brands that are sold from overseas are NOT the same ingredients and safe manufacturing process as the high quality real Human chorionic gonadotropin made in the US. The risks are high and simply not worth it when there are quality options available here in the USA.

For more information on this, please read, “Before purchasing Rx Hcg in India, Mexico, or overseas…

Prescription (Rx) Hcg injections are the traditional approach used in the original protocol as outlined by Dr. Simeons.  This continues to be a popular option for dieters, however there are also with millions of success stories for (genuine) HCG Drops.  In fact, both Rx HCG drops and legitimate Homeopathic HCG drops result in similar success rates and are a great option for those who are leery of needles.

Tablets are another option and are said to have a more HCG-friendly creation process and optimal absorption compared to other oral HCG delivery methods. Pellets (troches) are slightly different, and unlike tablets, they dissolve in the mouth.  While this is a good option for those who prefer oral Hcg, keep in mind that if you need to adjust your dosage, these can be difficult to adjust dosage.  Similar to HCG Pellets, many find the HCG patch to be convenient, however, they can also be challenging to adjust dosage and are highly controversial as to how much Hcg is actually absorbed into the body. You can read more about these here: Which HCG is best for me?

This baffles me too, but it still ends up being the same in the end;  1 bottle of Hcg and supplies, = 1 round, = 15-20 pounds minimum.

Amongst the most popular U.S. companies, just know that their 28 day kit, a 25 day kit and 26 day kit all offer the SAME amount of HCG in the program and it really doesn’t make a difference.  There is no need to make a decision on which source to go with, based on which company offers the right number of days in a round.

Hcg Diet Results - My 90 pound weight loss

Author: Dr. Jen Larson, ND

Hcg Diet Info Founder and Editor
While I have a background in natural medicine, nursing and nutrition, I also personally lost 88 lbs with the HCG Diet in 2002, and I kept it off for over 10 years. I am currently on a mission to lose 45 lbs of baby weight with HCG. This diet changed my life, leading me to start the first Hcg Diet site: 15+ years later, 100 million visits, over a million pages, & countless lives changed… HDI has become the true highlight of my journey.
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