Vitamin B12 Shots for Weight Loss: 5 Benefits (2019)

The Health Benefits of Vitamin B Shots at Home and Where to Purchase There are a number of benefits that come with taking Vitamin B shots at home. In addition to being far more convenient than weekly trips to the doctor’s office or medical clinic, taking Vitamin B in the privacy of your own home,… read more »

Buy Hcg and B12 Injections Online Buy Hcg and B12 Injections Online

Where to Find Hcg with B12 Injections

Where, oh where to find Hcg injections with B12 online… Welcome to “Jen’s List” of recommended sources on how and where to find Hcg and B12 injections online.  For over 10 years, I have continually validated each of these FDA-approved telemedicine companies, to be certain they offer the best quality, prescription Hcg and B12 for your… read more »

HCG Diet and Nutrition

HCG Diet Nutrition and Eating. The hCG Diet Plan requires a strict eating regimen, including specific hCG Diet safe foods.  We have compiled a list of basic hCG Diet Foods & Eating articles to help prepare you for your hCG Diet Plan, as well as articles to help you maximize and later maintain, your hCG weight… read more »

herbalife-protein-drink-mix-hcg-diet. herbalife-protein-drink-mix-hcg-diet.

Can I Use Herbalife for HCG Diet Protein Shakes?

Yes, and they’re at the top of the “HCG Diet Friendly Shakes” List. UPDATE:  Herbalife has changed their ingredients and sugar content.  I no longer recommend them for the Hcg Diet Plan.  I do recommend Nu Image protein shakes or a no-sugar, high fiber protein option that does not contain soy, etc. If you are… read more »

Lipo Shots for Weight Loss Review

Growing in popularity, Lipo shots for weight loss have been shown to help millions of people lose weight and maintain even the most extreme post-diet results. Lipotropics are recognized for treating weight issues on their own, however research has shown they can seriously boost the results of a regimented weight loss plan; particularly medical weight loss… read more »

Supplements for HCG Diet Plan – Part 2

Supplements Can Support Exercise while Following the HCG Plan – Part 2 Here are a few other ideas for supplements and foodstuffs you can take on board which will help you whilst you are following the HCG Plan Apple cider vinegar The unique content of apple cider vinegar also appears to be beneficial during exercise.… read more »

Supplements for the HCG Diet Plan

Supplements Can Support Exercise while Following the HCG Plan – Part 1 Although exercise is not essential while following the hCG diet, gentle training can offer a number of benefits to boost the effects of following this plan. Firstly, it helps to support the production of lean body mass. While you may not see the number on… read more »

HCG Diet Supplements: Maximize your Weight Loss

Recommended supplements for the HCG Diet: Before taking a supplement for a specific challenge on the hcg diet, consider trying an herbal tea. Be cautious of sugars and sweeteners in some brands however. Garcinia Cambogia as suggested by Dr. Oz Vitamin D is helpful, particularly if you are not outdoors regularly. There are a number… read more »

HCG Diet Recipes: Health Benefits of Coconut Oil in Chocolate Delight

One of the most popular hCG diet approved recipes is a homemade chocolate bar – Chocolate Delight (aka Cocoa Crack). This chocolate treat is not only delicious but very healthy thanks to its primary ingredient: coconut oil. Often promoted as a “superfood” coconut oil offers amazing health benefits. Supports the immune system – Studies have show… read more »

Dr. Life’s Diet Supplements

Dr. Life’s diet supplements is all about consuming a nutrient rich diet which ensures that you abstain from gaining fat and maintain a lean and disease free body for the rest of your life. As per Dr. Life’s diet supplement list, protein shakes as well as snack and energy bars are given a prominence over… read more »