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Jen’s Nu Image Medical Review (Updated 2018)

Nu Image review day! I have purchased my prescription Hcg and supplies from Nu Image Medical multiple times now, and thought I would share my full experience and review. Well, they have become my FAVORITE source for REAL prescription Hcg Injections, Drops and Tablets- with good reason.  It has been quite some time since I… read more »

My Diet Doc Hcg Review - Buying Hcg Diet

Jen’s Diet Doc Review: Expert Hcg Diet Report & Experience

I’m excited to share my expert review of Diet Doc: a legitimate telemedicine company specializing in Hcg weight loss programs and HGH Therapy (human growth hormone.) , including my ordering experience and how I found their prescription hcg weight loss kits to work. If you are a regular reader here, you know that I am a… read more »

Leez's Diet Doc Review

Leez’s Diet Doc Review – Personal Experience of an Hcg Diet Coach

Leez’s Diet Doc Review: This is a guest post from our very own Leez, an Hcg Diet coach who has been volunteering in the HDI Forums for years and has helped countless Hcg Dieters with her time and expertise.  Leez has been at her Hcg Diet goal weight since 2015, with a total Hcg loss of… read more »

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About HCG Diet Needles and Syringes

HCG Diet needles and syringes used for the protocol might sound intimidating to some.  To help you out, we’ve put together a quick introduction to understanding the various parts and lengths to get you started. The Basic Parts of HCG Diet Needles and Syringes There are three main pieces to what is collectively referred to… read more »

How HCG Vials Work – HCG Buy Guide Tip #8

Prescription HCG used for the HCG diet is sold in vials of 5,000iu.  All HCG vials contain this amount of HCG powder.  The “iu” is a measurement of the amount and means “international unit” so even HCG purchased overseas comes in this amount. For Injections:  1 Vial of 5,000iu HCG will last approximately 3 to… read more »

How to Buy-hCG-Diet-Supplies

We recommend hCG Diet Packs for researching and purchasing products for your hCG diet plan.  They offer top quality… Visit hCG Diet Packs Supplies and Marketplace hCG Diet Drops Injectable hCG for shots hCG meal replacement shakes meal replacement recipe resource various other hCG diet supplies  

HCG Diet Hair Care

hCG Diet Approved Hair Care When you are on the hCG protocol it is hard to find hCG Diet hair care products that are safe for use on the Phase 2 of the protocol.  Dr. Simeons was very pointed in his manuscript to avoid extra oils and fats as they may be absorbed through the… read more »